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You may jest, but the kindest fate I offer is to unify and spend eternity with a child of mine!
~ Echidna

Echidna the She-Viper (エキドナ, Ekidona) is a large, flying snake/dragon based plant demoness and an antagonist from Devil May Cry 4.

She was voiced by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn. In the Japanese dub from the games, she was voiced by Urara Takano.


In her serpentine form, she resembles a giant snake with a few feathery frills around the neck and multiple eyes on the head being the only difference between it's and a regular snake's appearance. However, the head "unzips" in four places down the head and this reveals Echidna as a humanoid female with glowing eyes and no lower body (or it is at least inside the snake portion) with a pair of red plumes on her head that combine to form the tongue of the snake, and can also be used as makeshift whips at close range.

She can lay egg-seeds as she does and scatters them all over the Mitis Forest within the island of Fortuna to act as hosts for further demons, with this she aims to create a world where demons would prosper through her plant-like progeny.


After Echidna emerged from one of the lesser Hell Gates, she began laying seed like eggs all over the jungle-like wildrness called the Mitis Forest outside the city of Fortuna, so as to act as hosts for more demons. Nero encountered her as he traveled through the forest, trying to find a way to the Order of the Sword's headquarters. Upon arriving in the Valley of Ruin, Echidna ambushed him, though he escaped, only to be attacked by her again. This time, she tried to swallow Nero, though this proved unsuccesful and he defeated her, though she fled back into her Hell Gate.

Later when Dante arrived in the forest, he found Echidna laying more of her seed-eggs, which the half-demon kicked so that they slammed into her. She attempted to devour the son of Sparda, but he escaped, fought, and slew the plant demoness and her "children". Dante then used his newly acquired Devil Arm, Gilgamesh, to destroy the Hell Gate.

Powers and Abilities

Echidna is able to fly and combine the plumes on her head to form a snake tongue to use as a whip. Her main ability is the ability to lay seed like eggs, which hatch into demons called Chimeras, her "children". These creatures then seek out lesser demons to use as hosts, blooming and sprouting bladed tentacles to help defend its host.



  • Echidna (Greek for "she viper") is the mother of many of the monsters in Greek mythology, which is supported by her appearance, motherly habits, and laying of Chimeras, one of her namesake's offspring.


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