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Villain Overview

The Return by Death Authority you possess is a tremendous thing. You don't understand how truly useful it is. With this ability you can restart the world all you want until you reach the future you covet. It's the embodiment of the ultimate ideal any seeker could possibly wish for! Of course, I would never force you to Return by Death. You'll continue to use it to achieve the result that you crave, and I'll uphold my end of the contract by lending you the wisdom you need to fulfil your wish. All of the results that come about and the process of you getting additional chances will contribute vastly to the satisfaction of my curiosity! We'll agonise over, struggle with, and solve the same problems together. Then, with your ability and my knowledge I know we'll both succeed! To reiterate, as I make use of your power, I want you to use me also to achieve your best possible future. My maidenly heart's affection for you and my longing to help you are real and beyond reproach. I'd be more than content to have you treat me as a convenience. If it's what you want, you're welcome to use my body in anyway that would comfort you! I quite happily offer it Subaru! I will give you the strength to get up and move forward with my words. Whether you want solace, motivation, love, or even hatred, I'll offer it to you. I can give you all that and so much more! You like girls who give it all, don't you? Look no further, you need me! There's no one but you who can satisfy my curiosity now. If you use your power to save somebody, I want you to use it to save me. I cannot control the depth or extent of my own greed! No matter what happens, I will guide you to the future you desire just as promised. I swear it! I absolutely swear it! And the Sanctuary's freedom lies beyond that. You can rescue everybody trapped there—the one you love and all those you care about! For that purpose, I need you to take me, use me, and rob me of all the greed you like, so we can take hold of our future! That is what I want from you, what I hunger from you, and everything I can offer you in return. I've told you everything now... truly, every last detail, with all the passion in my heart. This might be close to love. Yes, it's a vow of love! And how will you respond to that love? I want your answer! After all, this is one of the replies that will satisfy my curiosity.
~ Echidna listing the benefits to Subaru of forging a proposed contract with her.

Echidna, also known as the Witch of Greed, Echidna of Greed and later primarily as Omega, is a major anti-villain in the 2014 Japanese dark fantasy light novel series Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World, as well as its 2016 anime television series & 2014 manga adaptations of the same name. She is the posthumous overarching antagonist of the fourth story arc.

Echidna, at some point, absorbed the Greed Witch Factor, which gave her access to the power of the Authority of Greed. With the Authority of Greed, Echidna joined the Witches of Sin, a group of seven other women and one man who each possessed a Witch Factor. The Witch of Greed had incredible wisdom and an insatiable thirst for knowledge.

Echidna and five of the other witches eventually died and were devoured by Satella, the Witch of Envy, who was the most powerful of the sins. Echidna, who was the last of the Witches to die, lived on by manifesting her soul in a dream-like realm of her creation. In this realm, Echidna could commune with the living who entered her tomb. She also siphoned the souls of the other five devoured witches, allowing them to also manifest in her realm.

Echidna is voiced by Maaya Sakamoto in the Japanese version of the anime adaptation and by Anairis Quiñones in the English version. Sakamoto's other villainous roles include Quinella in Sword Art Online, Ciel Phantomhive in Black Butler, Eto Yoshimura in Tokyo Ghoul, Shō Kusakabe in Fire Force, Kiyomi Takada in Death Note, Akito Sohma in the 2019 version of Fruits Basket, Rip Van Winkle in Hellsing Ultimate, Crona in Soul Eater, Rikako Oryou in Pyscho-Pass, and Agria in Tales of Xillia. Quiñones has also voiced Yelena in Attack on Titan, Mirko in My Hero Academia, Miyuki Shiba in The Irregular at Magic High School, and Harriet Bree in RWBY.


Echidna's barely-exposed skin was porcelain-like and pure white, so white that it seemed any semblance of color had been completely bleached from her existence. Her black eyes shone with intellect and were the only part of the woman that looked alive. Her long straight hair reached down to her back and was as white as her skin. Anyone who saw her would be instantly captivated by her striking beauty, although the sight of her would inject overwhelming fear into a person's soul. The fear that people felt upon meeting her was enough to make most people vomit, although there were some exceptions to this effect including Subaru Natsuki. Although her spirit is nineteen years old, her slender body appears as though it is in its mid-twenties.

The only parts of her body that were visible was her head, neck, and hands, as the rest of her figure was wrapped in clothing most of the time. The contrast between her black clothing and the whiteness of her skin helped express her striking beauty. During her meeting with Subaru in the trial of his past, Echidna wore clothing fabricated from Natsuki's memories. The outfit she donned was the female version of the school uniform worn at Subaru's high-school in Japan. The ensemble consisted of a white dress shirt, a navy-blue blazer with the school's crest sewn onto the left breast, a red ribbon tied around the shirt's collar, a grey pleated short mini-skirt, knee-high white socks, and white uwabaki slippers with brown soles. Instead of her usual hair ornament, Echidna wore a smaller red butterfly clip in her hair.

After possessing the body of the original Ryuzu Meyer and taking the name Omega, Echidna naturally took on the physical form of her host. Omega looked as though she was a petite young girl around ten to twelve years of age. Her beautiful yet pale face was adorned with a long refined nose and almond-shaped cyan eyes. As Meyer was a half-elf, Omega's ears were inhumanly pointed. Her long fluffy hair flowed down her back and curved outwards. The only noticeable change Echidna had on the body of Ryuzu was the color of her hair. Ryuzu's hair was naturally rose-colored, however under the influence of Greed, her hair changed to Echidna's white. Befitting a girl her physical age, Omega was rather short, failing to reach even halfway up Subaru's chest.


Echidna's defining traits were her thirst for knowledge and her curiosity towards the unknown; because of this she was compatible with the Greed Factor. In life, the Witch of Greed was known as a source of great wisdom whose council was sought out by many great men. While not a liar, she withholds her true intentions often.

Powers & Abilities

  • Authority of Greed: Having absorbed the Greed Witch Factor at some point during her life, Echidna had access to her own variation of the Authority of Greed. However, the effects bestowed by her Authority remained unclear and her power was eventually absorbed by Regulus Corneas centuries after her physical body's demise. Upon returning to the world as Omega, she likely no longer had access to her Authority.


Echidna by Kenichiro Suehiro


I see. So that's the root of your desire? How very interesting. My apologies, did I startle you? It's been quite a long time since I spoke with anyone, so perhaps I was a bit too eager. My name is Echidna... But that isn't my title, perhaps you would know me a bit better as the Witch of Greed?
~ Echidna meeting and introducing herself to Subaru Natsuki.

List of Appearances

Light Novel

Volume 10

  • Prologue: Tomb (First appearance) (Appears in flashfoward(s))
  • Chapter 2: The Road to the Sanctuary
  • Chapter 3: A Long-Awaited Reunion (Mentioned only)
  • Chapter 4: Parent and Child
  • Chapter 5: The First Step Forward

Volume 11

  • Chapter 4: The Value of a Life (Voice only)
  • Chapter 5: The Witches' Tea Party
  • Chapter 6: Loveloveloveloveloveloveyou (Mentioned only)

Volume 12

  • Chapter 1: Loveloveloveloveloveloveloveloveloveloveloveloveme (Mentioned only)
  • Chapter 2: I've Already Seen Hell (Mentioned only)
  • Chapter 3: A Four-Hundred-Year-Old Cry (Mentioned only)
  • Chapter 4: The Taste of Death (Mentioned only)
  • Chapter 5: Ending List
  • Chapter 6: The Witches' Tea Party

Volume 13

  • Chapter 1: The Sounds That Make You Want to Cry
  • Chapter 2: Ignoring the Odds (Mentioned only)
  • Chapter 3: Straight Bet (Mentioned only)
  • Chapter 8: Love Letter

Volume 14

  • Chapter 1: —Journey of Memories
  • Chapter 3: The Day Alpha Orionis Laughed
  • Chapter 4: The Eternal Freezing of the Great Elior Forest

Volume 15

  • Chapter 2: Happiness Reflected Upon the Water's Surface
  • Chapter 7: —Pick Me (Appears in flashback(s))
  • Addendum: —The Return (First identified as Omega)
Anime Adaptation
  • Episode EX: Memory Snow (First mentioned)
  • Episode EX: The Frozen Bond (Voice only in flashback(s))
  • Episode 27: The Next Location (First appearance) (First identified as Echidna)
  • Episode 28: The Long-Awaited Reunion
  • Episode 29: Parent and Child
  • Episode 30: A Step Forward
  • Episode 32: Friend (Mentioned only)
  • Episode 33: The Value of Life
  • Episode 34: Love Love Love Love Love Love You
  • Episode 35: I Know Hell (Appears in flashback(s))
  • Episode 36: The Taste of Death (Mentioned only)
  • Episode 37: The Witches' Tea Party
  • Episode 38: The Sounds That Make You Want to Cry
  • Episode 39: STRAIGHT BET (Appears in flashback(s))
  • Episode 41: Nobody Can Lift a Quain Stone Alone
  • Episode 42: A Journey Through Memories
  • Episode 43: The Day Petelgeuse Laughed
  • Episode 44: The Permafrost of Elior Forest
  • Episode 45: The Beginning of the Sanctuary and the Beginning of the End (Appears in flashback(s))
  • Episode 46: Reunion of Roars (Mentioned only)
  • Episode 47: Happiness Reflected on the Water's Surface
  • Episode 48: Love Me Down to My Blood and Guts (Appears in flashbacks and as a corpse)
  • Episode 49: Choose Me (Appears in flashback(s))
Manga Adaptation

Chapter 3: Truth of Zero

  • Chapter 20: The Beast of the End (First mentioned)
  • Chapter 21: Entreaty (Mentioned only) (First identified as Echidna)

Chapter 4: The Sanctuary and the Witch of Greed

  • Chapter 1: The Place He Went Home To (First appearance) (Appears in flashfoward(s))
  • Chapter 3: Inquisitiveness Evolved
  • Chapter 4: A Long-Awaited Reunion (Appears in imagination) (Obscured)


  • Echidna's birthday was on the 24th of January.
  • Echidna was the only Witch to be born with her Witch Factor.
  • Like the other Witches of Sin (with the exception of Satella), Echidna received her namesake from a celestial body. 42355 Typhon I Echidna is the name of a large moon that orbits the scattered disc 42355 Typhon. Her name, like the celestial body, may also be a reference to Echidna, a monstrous half-snake hybrid in Greek mythology who was the mate of Typhon.
  • Echidna's Japanese voice actress, Maaya Sakamoto, only took one take to record the Witch of Greed's long-winded speech in episode 37 of the anime adaptation. Echidna's English voice actress Anairis Quiñones recorded the monologue in sections and took multiple takes. That being said, Quiñones also stated that it took less time to record than she thought it would.

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