All knowledge is good knowledge, I always say.
~ Eclipsa Butterfly
I did what I had to do for me. If the Magic High Commission and your mother think that's evil, call me a villainess.
~ Eclipsa to Star.
Eclipsa Butterfly (also known by her title The Queen of Darkness) is the potential main antagonist of the Disney TV series Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

She was introduced as the "Darkest Monarch" in the Butterfly Dynasty history. Following The Battle for Mewni, she will most likely replace Toffee as the main antagonist of the series. She currently serves as a supporting character and advice-giver to Star, and it is very ambiguous as to whether or not she is truly evil. However, based on the book Star vs the forces of evil: Magic book of spell, her long goal was to create a peaceful existence between monsters and Mewmen. Therefore, it is confirmed that she was not evil to begin with.

She was voiced by Esmé Bianco.



According to a passage inscribed on her tapestry's pedestal, Eclipsa was wed to King Shastacan, but she took a monster as a lover and ran away with him. It was unknown what happened to her lover after that, and Eclipsa was crystallized by Rhombulus in his dimension, filled with interdimensional criminals, due to the belief that she was the source of Evil Magic.

Over 300 Years Later

A contract between Queens is stronger than any crystal.
~ Eclipsa's response to Moon.

In the two-hour television movie The Battle for Mewni, Moon Butterfly (as a princess at the time) makes a deal with the crystallized Eclipsa to teach her dark spell in order to defeat Toffee by killing him in the way that he couldn't regenerate anymore (by which, Moon will avenge her mother as she was Toffee's victim). In exchange, Eclipsa would be set free upon Toffee's death. However, Moon decided to have Toffee's right middle finger severed, but never fully killed, scaring him and his army away, and thus making sure her end of the bargain is never fulfilled.

Star burns Toffee in the episode, Toffee, to the point where his regeneration doesn't work and Ludo crushes him using a pillar. Moon checks on Eclipsa and is relieved to see that she is still safely inside. As she leaves however, the crystal begins to crack, implying that Eclipsa is about to be set free.

Eventually, in the episode Stranger Danger, Eclipsa indeed got free from her crystal prison and meets Star for the first time in the castle's garden. However, being aware of her escape, the Magic High Commission caught sight of Eclipsa and placed her in a dungeon. Star convinces them to have a fair trial for Eclipsa. Moon begrudgingly agrees. Eclipsa is then put in the condemned rose tower as her dungeon.

In Lint Catcher, Eclipsa is seen outside in the garden with chains on her ankles, feeding birds. After being told by Star that Marco is squiring for the knight of the wash, she says that it is one of the most dangerous parts of the castle.

In Sweet Dreams, Eclipsa saves Star and Marco from being lost in a void. When Marco finds out that it's Eclipsa, he reacts to her with hostility while Eclipsa mocks his karate stance. Star forces Marco to leave the room so she and Eclipsa can talk. Star tells her about her uncontrollable ability to travel through dimensions in her sleep and asks how to stop it. Eclipsa questions if it really needs to be stopped at all, to which Star replies no. Eclipsa suggests to embrace the dreams and see where they take her. She goes back to her tower using a secret passage that her guards didn't know about.

It is revealed in Monster Bash that Eclipsa is the mother of the Mewman-monster hybrid, Meteora Butterfly, the true identity of Miss Heinous.

When preparing for her trial in Total Eclipsa the Moon, Eclipsa talks with Queen Butterfly about the identity of Meteora Butterfly. While searching through a book of the Butterfly family's records, Eclipsa sees that Festivia the Fun is in her daughter's supposed place in the book. Moon and Eclipsa then agree to work together in order to head to the Bureaucracy of Magic's royal archives. After a few hindrances, the two head inside the archive and find Eclipsa's scroll, however they discover that the records of Meteora were replaced by Festivia the Fun. Luckily evading detection of the Magic High Commission, the erasure of Meteora's history distresses Eclipsa, but Moon assures her that her daughter is still possibly alive.

In Butterfly Trap, Eclipsa's trial was held, Eclipsa requested a trial by box to speed up the process. Just when Eclipsa was about to lose she said that she still hasn't asked her question, arguing she had to right to ask one as she was technically part of the Magic High Commision. Eclipsa asks what they have done to her daughter. Forced to tell the truth, Rhombulus confesses that her real daughter was swapped with a peasant who eventually became queen and the owner of the magic wand. Despite being guilty, Star frees Eclipsa from her imprisonment and storms off.

In Tough Love, Eclipsa and Moon attempted to stop Meteora's destruction. When Moon was about to kill Meteora, Eclipsa stops Moon, giving Meteora a chance to retaliate. After Meteora attacks, Moon retreats to the Realm of Magic and Meteora escapes, leaving Eclipsa stunned.

In Divide and Conquer, Eclipsa explains to Star what happened to Meteora and Moon. Eclipsa was once again imprisoned to prevent further interference. Later, Eclipsa escapes her prison to confront Meteora herself. She borrows Star's wand and uses dark magic to defeat Meteora. To their surprise, Meteora is alive but reverted back to an infant.


While not much of her overall personality is shown, during her first encounter with Queen Moon she seemed very polite and genuinely sympathetic to the loss of Moon's mother, despite being called evil. Moon even said that "she didn't seem all that evil". She is later shown to be an inquisitive and eccentric person who enjoys simple things like feeding birds or walking in a rose garden. She also likes talking to Star and giving her advice. Overall, she hasn't displayed any evil traits.

Eclipsa's Forbidden Chapter

CHAPTER of Eciplsa
Skull-shaped lock on Eclipsa's chapter


It's the most dangerous chapter in the book, it shouldn't even be there...
~ Glossaryck refuses Star about opening the page's lock.

The Forbidden Chapter is the most mysterious and dark chapter of the Magic Instruction Book. The chapter's purpose and it's abilities are unknown but it appears to involve summoning the darkest part of the user's soul as it has done with Marco and Ludo/Toffee.

Every dark spell in the Magic Instruction Book are written in Eclipsa's chapter:

The All-seeing Eye

The All-Seeing Eye page

The spell's chapter.

The All-seeing Eye is a spying spell, which (by using the magic wand) allows its user to spy upon anything anywhere and by "Dipping Down" it can also let the user trans-mutate into the exact place of the spying, however, an extremely high magical level is required.

Eclipsa seemingly used this spell for hunting the secret members and/or traitors; as seen in the Spell-book.

The All-Seeing Eye opening

Star Butterfly casts the all-seeing eye.

After hundreds of years, Star Butterfly (current princess of Mewni) uses this spell to spy on her crush Marco Diaz on his date with Jackie Lynn Thomas and after she sees that they're actually happy with each other, she gets mad and summons her darkest emotions, by which accidentally breaks the skateboard's on which the couple wore riding, with the green spell. She realizes the true nature of the spell and frighteningly breaks it.

Star later uses it again in Raid the Cave to find Glossaryck with the spell-book and even enters through the portal spell by dipping down. Glossaryck simply refuses to go with her, stating that this is what she needs - to unlock her potential without him.

In The Battle for Mewni Star uses this spell once again to spy on Marco.

In Deep Dive, Marco was able to use Star's wand and the All-seeing eye spell to find Star.



  • Because of Eclipsa's "black sheep" status in the Butterfly family, Star wasn't aware of her existence until the episode "Into the Wand".
  • When in Eclipsa's possession, the royal magic wand resembles a parasol with a long handle, with the wand's head having black wings, the bell resembling an orb, and it has a black crescent on top.
  • It is possible that she and Toffee had some connection based on his word that he made the plan and he was the only ones who knows as well as the fact the revelation of Meteora somehow strengthens this. Furthermore, in the book Star vs the forces of evil: Magic book of spell, it is confirmed that she killed one Toffee's kind before.
  • She is arguably the strongest character in the series due to her position as a creator of the majority of dark magic, and her magic is shown to be superior to that of both Moon and Star. 
  • She created the darkest spell to combat the Septarians (Toffee's species), which result in the dark veins in her arms.


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