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The Ectonurite Prisoner is a minor antagonist of the 2020 Cartoon Network animated feature film Ben 10 Versus the Universe: The Movie. He is a unnamed Ectonurite who was banished to the Null Void for unknown circumstances.

He is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal


The Ectonurite Prisoner is a grey-purple ghost-like alien with black lines running over his body, his has a tail-like appendage instead of legs and has one purple with a black pupil. While his true form has a white upside skull-like head and s visible mouth. His tentacles are black with purple stripes.


The Ectonurite Prisoner was among the aliens trapped in the Null Void for unknown reason, he and his inmates revealed themselves to Ben Tennyson when he was now trapped in the Null Void with them. The Ectonurite attempts to possess the Omnitrix but only to electrocuted due to the device's safeguards to prevent his species from possessing it. When the other aliens manages to subdue Ben as Four Arms, The Ectonurite show his true form and prepares to finish him with his tentacles, much to Ben's dislike toward tentacles. However, before the Ectonurite could strike the blow on him, Azmuth revealed himself to the rest of the aliens and tell the Ectonurite to stand down, which the Ectonurite considers and make his escape with the rest of his inmates. Later, the Ectonurite along with a Piscciss Volann attempts to battle Ben for the Omnitrix, but when the Piscciss Volann was getting suck into a portal and begs to be saved, The Ectonurite ultimately abandoned him to saved himself and fly out of harm's way, leaving Ben to rescue the Piscciss Volann as Goop. The Ectonurite is not seen in the rest of the film afterward.

Powers and Abilities

The Ectonurite possesses ghost-like abilities, such as flying through the air in a zero gravity manner due to not having legs, can make himself translucent and phase through solid matter, and can make himself completely invisible.

The Ectonurite has a secondarily skin which removable and retractable that hides his face and can sprout tentacles out his chest.

The Ectonurite is stronger than he looks, as he lift and throw a Appoplexian without difficulty, as well tackled a Appoplexian without flinching.


  • The Ectonurite Prisoner's appearance is based on Ghostfreak from the original series, except he does not wear the Omnitrix symbol.
    • His true form is also similar to Zs'Skayr from the original series, except his arms and tail looks the same as Ghostfreak, he didn't seem to have a nose, and the stripes on his tentacles are purple instead white.
  • Duncan Rouleau confirmed that the Ectonurite Prisoner is not Zs'Skayr.


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