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Thomas Edward "Ed" Jackson is a fictional character and supporting antagonist of the ITV British soap opera Coronation Street.

First appearing briefly in 1978 as Tommo, he was responsible for shooting and killing Emily Bishop's husband Ernest when he and his accomplice Dave Lester attempted to rob Baldwin's Casuals. He resurfaced in the show in 2005, where he was remorseful for his actions and attempted to make peace with Emily.

He was originally portrayed by Dave Parke in his 1978 appearances, and then by Chris Walker from 2005 to 2006.


Ed Jackson first appeared as a petty criminal who, along with his friend and accomplice Dave Lester, later staged a robbery at Baldwin's Casuals in 1978 when they wanted to get hold of the wage packets. They held up workman Ernest Bishop in the office and demanded he hands over the bag of money. While Ernest is in the process of doing so, the boss Mike Baldwin abruptly walks in and interrupts them, and Ed accidentally pulls the trigger and shoots Ernest. Both men make off with the wage packets and Ernest dies from his injuries.

A few days later, both men were arrested and later given life sentences.

27-years later Ed was released from prison and a changed man. However Ernest's death still troubled him and he began attending a church where Ernest's widow Emily attended. He befriended her, and also got into a relationship with her neighbour Eileen Grimshaw. However, Ed later confessed to Emily and told her he felt guilty for what happened. Disgusted, Emily told him to leave and Ed departed the street.

When Emily later talked to a Reverend about the ordeal, she ended up discovering that Ed was contemplating suicide. Emily went round to his flat and discovered he was leaving for London and begged him not to kill himself as she didn't want his death on her conscience. Forgiving Ed, she gave him Ernest's camera and told him to send her a picture of him every year to let her know he was alright.


  • He appeared in a total of 26 appearances during his time on the show.