Edward "Ed" Regis is a minor protagonist villain in Michael Crichton's novel Jurassic Park, serving as InGen's public relation manager.

In the film, he was called Donald Gennaro, and was played by Martin Ferrero.



Ed Regis served as Ingen's public relations manager, committed only to his direct boss John Hammond. He introduced Isla Nublar to the visitors, speaking in complete confidence about the dinosaurs and local flora. Hammond even trusted him enough to keep his grandchildren safe.

However, as the novel went by, Regis revealed to be a bitter and uncaring man, who didn't know as much as he claimed. His loyalty to Hammond was put to the test when the adult t-rex attacked the visitors, but failed when Regis fled for his life, abandoning the children whom he was trusted with.

After Tim, Lex and Dr. Grant were out of sight, Regis found himself alone, desperate to find the other survivors and save his hide and fortune. He failed at finding the other survivors, stumbling upon a pool of leeches and encountering the juvenile Tyrannosaur instead. The dinosaur sadistically toyed with Regis for a short moment before tearing him apart. By the time the other survivors found Regis, all that left from him was a severed leg.


His film incarnation was nearly identical to the novel incarnation, save for his name and profession, being called Donald Gennaro and working as a lawyer instead of a public relationship manager. He pretended to show concern about the safety of the park, but increasingly became blinded by ambition and greed after seeing the dinosaurs and their financial potential.

During the tour of the park, he ends up in the same Explorer as Hammond's grandchildren Tim and Lex, and thus became their guardian, as he was the only adult in the vehicle. When the Tyrannosaurus escaped from its paddock during a power outage caused by Dennis Nedry, Gennaro, in a blind, unthinking panic, abandoned the children and went hiding in a nearby restroom, where he sits cowering until the dinosaur knocks the structure down and eats him.


  • Regis is the only Jurassic Park character who have different names for each incarnation.
  • Regis' cinematic version is called after the anti hero Donald Gennaro. Unlike Gennaro, who was ultimately heroic despite his numerous flaws, Regis was just a despicable individual, both in the novel and in the film.
  • In the film version, he's implied to be catholic, as shown when he said a Hail Mary While hiding in the bathroom.
  • He's the first person who fell victim to a t-rex.


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