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Good. You break everything you touch.
~ Ed's infamous quote that mentally scarred Bobby for life.

Edward "Ed" Singer is a minor antagonist in Supernatural. He is the father of Bobby Singer, one of the series' main protagonists.

He was portrayed by Edward Foy.


One time in the 1950s, when Bobby was a young boy, he was living with Ed Singer, who was a cruel and wrathful man. He always blamed Bobby for even minor mistakes. One time Bobby merely smashed a glass of milk by accident during dinner, and Ed reacted violently by smashing a plate and hurling it across the room. Ed's wife tried to clean up the mess, and then Ed brutally whacked her cheek. She somehow asked Bobby why he "provoked" his father so much. Ed then said that Bobby was just a bad kid.

Bobby ran and fetched a shotgun, to protect his mother from Ed's blows, and when he was beating her around some more Ed saw Bobby with the gun and mocked him for being too cowardly to use it. Bobby proved him wrong and shot him dead. His mother wasn't even that grateful for him defending her, she just asked him what he did that for.

Season 7

Ed returned in season 7 when Dick Roman shot Bobby in the head. Here, Bobby tried to escape his Reaper which was pursuing him by escaping into his memories. Bobby then returned to his childhood and replayed the traumatic dinner scene with his father. He challenged his father, who said he was just a waste of space. Bobby said that he was so afraid of becoming like his father that he never had any kids. Ed retorted what a good move that was, and repeated that Bobby broke everything he touched. Bobby then angrily yelled that Ed was a cruel man and he adopted two boys (Sam and Dean) who saved the world, and told Ed to go to Hell.

After Bobby witnessed his young self kill Ed, he had a talk with him and they addressed the matter.