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Edward "Ed" Wuncler ll, more commonly known as Eddie Jr., is the main antagonist of the fourth season of The Boondocks. He is the economy crushing/criminal son of Ed Wuncler I and father of Ed Wuncler III He is currently the Freeman family's slave owner.

He was voiced by Sam McMurray.


Eddie Jr. was first mentioned in the episode "A Date With The Health Inspector", when the Arab clerk told Ed Wuncler III that his father helped him build the mini-mart that Ed III and Gin Rummy are robbing. Ed Wuncler Jr. has remained unseen for most of the series until he made his first appearance in the Season 4 episode "Good Times". He seems to be in charge of his Father's bank and is usually always accompanied by his associate Vanderbilt who does most of the work. While Ed Wuncler has always been a horrible human being, He has often been more clandestine with his wrong doing. Eddie is quite blatant with his criminal activities, making very little to no effort to hide anything. He cons Robert several times throughout the episode ultimately making Robert desperate enough to sell himself to slavery.



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