Ed: What does a werewolf need a backpack for?
Edna: To keep his pilot license in.
~ Ed and Edna

Ed and Edna are the two secondary antagonists of Sony Pictures Animation's fouteenth feature film Open Season: Scared Silly. They are Shaw's old friends, hired by Shaw himself to help him kill all the animals, including the werewolf, Boog, and Elliot.

Ed was voiced by Garry Chalk, and Edna was voiced by Kathleen Barr.


Ed wears a red shirt, snow hat, green eyes, beard, boots, and pants. Edna has orange hair, sharp nose, red lipstick, blue eyes, She wears a pink and red shirt, green soldier pants, and boots.


Ed and Edna are considered to be stupid, silly, loyal, dumb, goofy, weird, cranky, and loony.


Open Season: Scared Silly

Shaw, now a tour guide, witnesses an unseen creature in the forest and begs Gordy to allow open season and Shaw is determined to hunt down Boog and Elliot and catch the werewolf. To do so, he recruits his old friends Ed and Edna.

Later at the end, Shaw, Ed and Edna disguise themselves as werewolves to kill Boog, and Elliot and is defeated and arrested for impersonating a monster and creating a general panic, and Open Season is permanently shut down.



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