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Eddie is a fictional character and recurring antagonist of the BBC British soap opera EastEnders. He only appeared as a supporting antagonist from July 2004 to February 2005.

He was portrayed by Daren Elliott Holmes.


Eddie is a mobsman and the right-hand man of his gangland boss Andy Hunter. He is eventually summoned to Walford in July 2004 where Andy had already established himself as the square's new crime kingpin following the death of his predecessor, Jack Dalton, back in 2003; Andy thereafter became the newly-appointed leader of Dalton's criminal empire known as The Firm.

Since his arrival, Eddie has helped Andy with his plans to dealing with people who are either against him or pose a threat to Andy's criminal reign in the square. This involves playing a part in Andy's scheme to explot his girlfriend Sam Mitchell from all her family empire's monetary assets by marrying her, which appears easy as Sam's criminal brothers Phil Mitchell and Grant Mitchell are not in the square due to police trouble. In the build-up to the wedding, though, Andy has Eddie threaten Sam's cousin Billy Mitchell and his friend Minty Peterson when they attempt to expose Andy's true nature to Sam and her mother Peggy Mitchell. In the end, however, Andy succeeds in marrying Sam and also Peggy doesn't believe Minty and Billy. Then he takes Peggy back to the airport just as Andy and Sam set off for their honeymoon.

During the couple's absence, Eddie looks after Andy's businesses in the square. He also continues to deal with Minty and Billy, whilst helping out Andy's employee Pat Evans run his bookies and also clashing with Andy's acquaintance Dennis Rickman on certain occasions. Eddie soon begins to help Andy check up on his employee, Paul Trueman, for an upcoming drug trade operation that Andy is planning to do as part of his criminal expansions. In December 2004, Eddie helps Andy prepare to meet up with crime lord John Corley and his enforcer Croxey for their drug trade operation.

But unbeknowest to them, Paul has been arrested for his involvement and is forced by the police to grass on Andy in exchange for not going to prison. Thereafter Andy begins to sense that something is wrong just as Eddie arrives and orders him to stop. Upon suspecting that they are walking into a police sting operation, Andy promptly orders Eddie to leave instantly and not go through with the deal. Eddie reluctantly complies, but it turns out Andy's speculations were proven true when Croxey later informs them that the police have suceeded in arresting Corley and his associates before having them put in prison for the drug trade operation. Andy then orders Eddie to go on the run to avoid getting arrested by the police. Eddie comples, and later on Andy arranges for Paul to be killed after finding out that he grassed him up to the police.

In 2005, Eddie is summoned back to Walford once the police heat has calmed down. By then Andy has ended his marriage with Sam after she found out the truth about him. Soon enough, Andy orders Eddie to check up on his new enemies Jake Moon and his brother Danny - both of whom are cousins of Andy's nemesis Alfie Moon due to their love triangle with Alfie's wife Kat Slater back in 2003. Eddie later informs Andy that both Jake and Danny are hencemen who work for mob boss Johnny Allen.

It is then Johnny himself arrives on the square and begins to usurp Andy from his criminal reign in the square in the build up to the two preparing to do an illegal money business transaction worth £750,000. Angry that Johnny is usurping him, Andy plans to get revenge on Johnny by betraying him in the deal and doing a runner with the £750,000. Eddie is against this due to Johnny's reputation, but seemingly goes along with Andy's plan.

Later on when the pair are drinking at The Queen Victoria public house that Peggy used to run, Eddie notices Andy getting drunk and advises him to take it easy. Andy ignores him and begins insulting Sam, up until he is ordered by the pub's landlord Den Watts to get out. Eddie is prepared to defend Andy against Den when Johnny intervenes a few seconds later; Johnny orders Jake to help Den chuck both Andy and Eddie out of the pub, during which Eddie gets annoyed when Den calls him a "lapdog". Afterwards, Eddie agrees with Andy's plan to trick Danny into helping them out since Jake has made a fool of them.

On the night where Andy's transcation with Johnny is due to take place, Eddie helps Andy settle his score with the Moon Brothers before later heading out of the square with the £750,000. It looks as though as Andy has gotten away with it when Eddie stops the car and claims he needs to go to the toliet. Moments later, Jake suddendly appears with Johnny to confront Andy and reclaim the money. It is then Andy realizes too late that Eddie has betrayed him by telling Johnny of his plan. Shortly afterwards, Johnny forces Andy to take a walk with him to a bridge for a conversation. Then Eddie and Jake witness as their respective crime bosses are about to part ways with a handsake, but instead witness Johnny killing Andy by forcing the latter of the bridge to his death.

Moments after killing Andy in front of his own right-hand man, Johnny walks up to Eddie and orders him to leave Walford for good without ever thinking of coming back. Eddie complies as he leaves the square for good and Johnny orders Jake to take him back to Walford, just as the emergency services and police arrive at the scene of Andy's death. That same night, Den is murdered by his wife Chrissie.


  • It is unknown whether Eddie is a full-time member of The Firm due to his crime boss, Andy Hunter, becoming the organization's newly-appointed leader after the death of it's leader and Andy's gangland predecessor Jack Dalton.