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Edward "Eddie" Caputo is the secondary antagonist of the 1988 horror film Child's Play and the overall Greater-Scope Villain of the Child's Play film series.

Eddie was a petty criminal and the accomplice of Charles Lee Ray. One fateful night, Eddie leaves Charles to his fate when trying to escape the police and his actions lead Charles to transform into Chucky, essentially setting the film series into motion.

He was portrayed by Neil Giuntoli.


The former accomplice of Charles Lee Ray, Caputo was his getaway driver and fellow serial killer. On a cold night in Chicago, Caputo was waiting for Charles get to his van to escape the police, however once Caputo sees Charles get shot down and then a police car now in pursuit, Eddie panics and drives off, leaving Charles behind despite him begging for him to wait for him.

Eddie would successfully escape from police, but unknown to him, Charles transfers his soul into a Good Guy Doll, and plans to kill Eddie for leaving him for dead.

Later on in the movie, Ray (having now transferred his soul into a doll and became Chucky), sneaks into Caputo's house with the help of his owner Andy, seeking revenge on him for driving away without him and leaving him to be killed by the police. Chucky turns out a stove's pilot light, and Eddie, sensing someone is in his home, fires his gun in defense, causing the house to explode and kill Caputo yet both Andy and Chucky survive.


Not much is known about Eddie's personality due to his little screen time.

It's implied Eddie is the lesser of two evils when it comes to him and Charles/Chucky. For instance when he's searching in his house for an intruder, he points his gun at Andy when he hears him but doesn't shoot him, and looks relieved that it isn't a threat.

However it can still be implied that Eddie is indeed just as evil as Charles, knowing Charles' true nature and assisting him in kidnapping a woman named Sarah. Also knowing that Charles killed multiple people before he turned into Chucky, it's possible Eddie was involved.


  • In a general way, Eddie serves technically as the catalyst of the film series' events. if he Hadn't left Charles Lee Ray behind the night of his death, Charles would have not died at the hands of the police and while he likely would have continued with his career as serial killer, he might not had become Chucky after all.
  • He is the 2nd victim of Chucky after he becomes a doll. However, he could possibly be Chucky's 5th or even 14th victim overall.
  • Eddie Caputo is the first person known in the Child's Play franchise to associate or assist Charles/Chucky in his killings, the second one being Tiffany, who would first appear in the fourth installment, Bride of Chucky.


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