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Eddie Mack is one of the main antagonists in the 2001 horror movie Bones.

He was portrayed by the late Ricky Harris.



Eddie Mack is a drug dealer. He and Lupovich murder Jimmy Bones, after forcing his girlfriend, best friend, and bodyguard to stab him. They then put his body in the basement. After that, they allied with Jeremiah Peet and put drugs in the street, destroying Jimmy's good neighborhood. The neighborhood became a bad place, since Jeremiah only focused on making profit rather than protecting it like Jimmy did.


22 years later, Eddie, Lupovich, and Jeremiah Peet heard a group of people brought Jimmy's building and they fear that someone would find Jimmy's body and trace it back to them. One night, Jimmy comes back from the dead and confronts Eddie. Shocked to see Jimmy, Eddie tries to shoot him but his efforts are for naught against the undead Jimmy who kills Eddie by decapitating him and using his still living head to transport his soul.

Eddie protests this since they are technically even but Jimmy hits his head on walls and has him call Lupovich who suffers the same fate.

Eddie is present when Jeremiah is taken and encourages Jimmy to send Lupovich to hell. Eddie is next and tries to bribe Jimmy but is ignored and sent to hell, screaming as he is tortured endlessly.