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Edward, better known as Eddie "No-Nose", is a minor antagonist in the 2017 film Baby Driver.

He was portrayed by Australian-American musician Flea.


Eddie No-Nose is first seen sitting in Doc's hideout next to JD, where he mentions that he doesn't want people to ask him about his name. After that, he mocks Baby along with Bats and JD, before he talks their plan of robbing a bank through with the rest of the crew. During the heist Eddie gets angry at JD for accidently buying Mike Myers masks, instead of Michael Myers ones. He storms the building with Bats and JD, while Baby remains in the getaway car. On their way out they shoot a guard and escape with stolen money, after incapacitating a marine, who was chasing them. He is last seen after the heist, when Baby asks what happened to JD, to which he laughs sadistically.


The only personality trait that he is shown to have is that he is very insecure about how his name changed from "Eddie, the Nose" to "Eddie No-Nose".