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Hi. Remember me? The name's Eddie. And now my brother's bringing me back, and I'm coming back with a couple of friends. Don't worry, I'm still a little bitter about the whole thing, but we'll swear this off one way and another. And remember, I.C.U.
~ Eddie Schmidt

Edward "Eddie" Schmidt was originally the icon for Halloween Horror Nights XI at Universal Studios Florida until he was replaced by his brother after the disaster event known as 9/11/2001 happened.


Like Jack, he also sports clown make-up to mask burned scars. He was extremely obsessed with slasher films from the 1980s, particularly films featuring chainsaw-wielding maniacs (e.g. Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre). During his youth, he has set up a haunted house event within the confines of the trailer park he has lived in. A group of other teens sets up a fire in the trailer park as a prank, without understanding that he was inside, trapping him while disfiguring he face and hands with severe burns for life. Later he would open his own variation of his brother's funhouse, a "game show" known as RUN. In it, visitors must avoid various torture devices and chainsaw wielders including himself without mind loss. He had the desire to re-open his "game show" with financing from his brother. This version was a murder-for-hide kind of business, where he and his goons would both toture and murder victims for profit, similar to the film titled Hostel. Promoted under the misleading name of Oddfellows Ultimate Ventures, the business catered to a rich clientele...which would inevitably meet the same fate as the victims they hired Eddie and the rest of the staff to kill. The original plans for Halloween Horror Nights XI would have seen a different version of Eddie waging a war with the Chainsaw Drill Team against Jack and his clown henchmen. The original incarnation of the character called Edgar Sawyer wasn't related to Jack and had it in for the clown due to his supernatural tendencies. This storyline, along with Edgar have both been scrapped while the event focused on the return of Jack.


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