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Edel is the main antagonist of the manga adaptation of Princess Tutu. Unlike her anime counterpart, this version of Edel wasn't a puppet created by Drosselmeyer (who doesn't exist in this take on the anime), Edel was instead a human woman who owned a ballet shop.


When Ahiru was running late for class as per usual, she stumbles upon the shop when she noticed a beautiful ballerina tutu hanging in the window. Edel ushers her into her store and gives her a pendant. Later on, Ahiru realizes that the pendant contained magical properties. After saving Mytho from a giant fish, Edel relates the story of the prince who had deliberately shattered his own heart and gave Ahiru the task of retrieving the missing shards of Mytho's heart. Unbeknownst to Ahiru, Edel also manipulated Rue into searching for the shards as well. She transforms Rue into Princess Kraehe, who since became a recurring enemy for Princess Tutu. After a few encounters with Princess Tutu, Rue only acquires a few of the heart shards. Edel reprimands her for her failure and uses the shard she had obtained to draw Mytho out.

Sometime after Mytho went missing, Ahiru - fearing for the worst - returns to the ballet shop for answers only to realize that the store had disappeared. In desperation, Tutu teams up with Fakir, and the two embark on a quest of finding Mytho. The two find themselves in the bird-like lair of Edel, who had Mytho bound on a table. Edel reveals that the Raven was within her, and she required Mytho's pure heart in order to release him. By releasing the Raven, the world would be thrown into darkness and disarray, much to Edel's pleasure. Fakir and Princess Tutu try to fight her to no avail. Edel takes the size of Fakir and Rue and threatens to murder the two lest Princess Tutu give her the pendant. Even though Fakir and Rue protest, Princess Tutu hands over the pendant, thus preventing her from transforming again. Victorious, Edel grabs a dagger and walks over to the bound Mytho. Before she could cut out his heart, Princess Tutu suddenly revives, as does Mytho. Despite her giving up the pendant, the prince's pure heart couldn't be corrupted by the darkness. Perplexed, Edel rants about how she was supposed to be the harbinger of the Raven. Together, Princess Tutu and Mytho perform a Pas de Deux; the resulting light disintegrates Edel into nothingness.


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