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Eden Fletcher

What a vile specimen of humanity. What a little piece of filth.
~ Eden Fletcher

Eden Fletcher is a fictional character in the 2005 film The Proposition.

He was portrayed by David Wenham.


Fletcher is first seen riding into the town, being acknowledged by the townspeople, as he does so - before entering the police station. There, he sees Mike Burns, and regards him with contempt - before telling Captain Stanley that Mike is not the one they're trying to capture. Stanley tells Fletcher that police work might be best left to policemen (to which Fletcher seems to agree) - before Fletcher leaves the station, having acknowledged Stanley a good evening.

Later, after a gang of Aboriginal Australians attack someone, Fletcher visits Stanley in his home - telling him to make sure that - instead of killing one Aborigine - to kill all of them. Afterwards, he also tells Stanley he is going to have Mike Burns flogged - as punishment for the Burns family raping and murdering the Hopkins family. From then on, Stanley tries desperately to protect Mike - not just because he believes Mike is innocent, but also because, Mike being harmed in any way will break the deal Stanley made with Mike's brother, Charlie.

When Stanley tries to stop the townspeople from getting their hands on Mike, Fletcher appears with Stanley's wife, Martha. It is actually because of his wife that Stanley eventually has no choice but to relent - and Mike is eventually flogged. Eventually - because of how horrific Mike's punishment turns out to be - the townspeople (who were previously baying for his blood) start to turn away, in disgust. Only Fletcher is still keen to continue - even though the flogging has left appalling injuries - and, when Martha faints, Stanley takes the whip and throws it in Fletcher's face. Fletcher angrily responds to this, by firing him. Later, after Mike is rescued from the station by his family, Fletcher is seen looking at the dead bodies of the officers in his employment, in fear. Unlike the others, he is never made to pay for his involvement in Mike's humilation and eventual death.