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Are you saying that you like my body? I like it too. I only got it a couple of weeks ago.
~ Eden Hawkins to Karl.
Kinsey, she's not a bad person. Seriously, her parents dumped her at boarding school so they could go travel and party.
~ Dodge mentioning Eden to Kinsey Locke.

Eden Hawkins is the pseudonym of a cameo character in the first season of Locke & Key, the main antagonist in the second season, and is slated as a posthumous antagonist in the third season. Highly naïve and sinister, she possessed a charismatic yet conceited student on the Matheson Academy and proceeded to forge an uneasy alliance with Dodge when she sought to cleanse and save the world from itself by forging the Demon Key, but she was betrayed by the revolutionary, fulfilling her deepest fear of being left entirely alone. Desperate, she summoned an ancient horror in the form of Frederick Gideon, but the redcoat murdered her in cold blood, leaving her corpse in the well in the center of the Wellhouse. Her true name remains a mystery, having assumed the name and identity of Eden following her possession.

She is played by Hallea Jones in her very first villainous role.


Possessing Eden Hawkins

Eden makes contact with Dodge, marking the beginning of their alliance.

So hungry.
~ Eden Hawkins

A demoness dwelt in a blue dimension and eventually made the acquaintance of Frederick Gideon. When the Black Door was opened and laid bare, the demoness was among the three demons that surges forward from the door and the only one to succeed in possessing a human, Eden Hawkins, just after the Keepers of the Keys cast Ellie Whedon into the dimension. Eden makes her way to a restaurant and orders most of the menu, as the focal point between her energy and the shadow demon is unstable. She is visited by Dodge there. Unbeknownst to her, Dodge and Gabe (a member of the Savini Squad) are the same person, meaning Dodge was never thrown into an interdimensional portal as she had used a decoy all along. Subsequently, Eden and Dodge bond over the keys, with Dodge teaching her how to use the Crown of Shadows and showing her how to forge a brand-new magical key of their own make. However, Dodge was often impatient with her, reminding her who was alpha by poking her with a stick for taunting her romantic feelings, for instance. (more to come…)

Experiences on Earth

Murder of Karl

Succumbing to primal instinct, Eden murders Karl in cold blood.

Are you saying you like my body?
~ Eden Hawkins coming onto Karl.

Dodge resorted to lifting her up by the collar for murdering Karl. (more to come…)

Defaming Scot Cavendish

Eden unsheathing the Music Box.

Walk aggressively at Gabe.
~ Eden Hawkins eradicating Scot Cavendish's agency.

To be added.

Tailing Kinsey Locke

Eden confronting Kinsey at Javi's party.

I'm gonna kill you when I wake up.
~ Eden Hawkins drunkenly threatening Kinsey Locke.

To be added.

Skirmish at Keyhouse Manor

Eden's misadventure at Keyhouse Manor begins when Jamie Bennett pulls a jar into the third dimension.

She tried to kill Bode after snapping a broom in half. (more to come…)

Alliance with Josh Bennett

Eden and Javi face off!

She came knocking again, only to become alarmed when Josh forgot about the magic (because of the Riffel Rule). (more to come…)

Murdered by Frederick Gideon

Eden Hawkins receiving her comeuppance.

Put me down!
~ Eden's last words.

Eventually, Dodge was exorcised, leaving Eden Hawkins all alone once again and fulfilling her greatest fear even before her possession. She became bitter about "Gabe's" memorial outside of "his" dormitory, and kicked over the picture frame after coldly rejecting an attempt from Brinker Martin to reconnect with her. Left with few viable options, she took up the Echo Key, made her way to the Wellhouse, and summoned Frederick Gideon, believing he could split open the wood over the Black Door if he had previously split the stone over the same portal. Much to her delight and admiration, fate had it that an old friend was possessing him, although the demon did not recognize her at all and nervously asked to know who she was. She instructed him to open the Black Door for her and used the Anywhere Key to open a door into Matheson Academy as a place for them to begin their communion. However, Gideon had no intention of doing her will and unexpectedly lifted her off her feet, horrifying her. Eden demanded to be put down, but these would be her last words. Gideon dropped her headfirst into the well, waited for a grisly crunching sound to resound when her skull crashed into hard granite, and took up the Anywhere Key for himself before disappearing into Matheson Academy.


I mean, what's there not to like?
~ Karl praising Eden's physical appeal.

Like all shadow demons, this one is a black astral humanoid with two small white eyes. Her ravishingly and harrowingly beautiful host body has fair skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes; her host body's beauty was only surpassed by Dodge. She speaks in a chilling voice that amplifies the firm and domineering voice of her host body.


You've been working on your forehand for decades. Time to put it to good use. Invite him over for coffee, and pound the ever-living shit out of him with your racket until he is a bloody heap on the ground. It'll feel so good, I promise.
~ Eden to her host body's mother after learning the latter had been cheated.

The demon that possessed Eden Hawkins retained most of Eden's previous traits, albeit with a darker twist to them. She followed Dodge willingly but was often annoying and obnoxious enough that the normally astute and insightful girl had to manhandle her twice. This is because while Dodge was a morally grey antiheroine, Eden was completely amoral, eating Karl's face out of pure primal instinct and urging Dodge to murder Kinsey Locke repeatedly. In fact, she promptly murdered the coast guardsmen who forbade them from being in the sea caves in cold blood before Dodge herself could do anything to stop her. Additionally, Eden would try to get twisted approval from teenagers by immoderately gorging herself on alcoholic beverages, much to Jackie's chagrin. Despite this, she didn't exhibit a desire for friendship and rebuked Jackie checking on her and Brinker trying to console her. Eden was so arrogant that she was more or less indifferent to everybody, regardless of how they perceived her. Needless to say, her personality and Dodge's are polar opposites to a nearly comical degree.

In her possessed state, Eden Hawkins became extremely amoral, cruel, and domineering.

She eventually became tired of Dodge's stern reactions to her drama as a demoness and by her strict exercises of authority exacerbated by their clashing temperaments, and did not attempt to summon her when she was exorcised by Tyler Locke, even after numerous students became wary of her. More desperate than ever before, she summoned Frederick Gideon, but it quickly became clear that her fatal flaw was thinking she could use the awe-inspiring redcoat and force him to follow her.


Eden's demoness easily dominated the likes of Javi in a contest of physical strength.

Must have a pretty fast metabolism, with an ass like that.
~ Karl's vulgar flattering of Eden's superhuman physiology.
  • Demoness Physiology: Eden Hawkins had superhuman attributes. Hence, she became incredibly durable and was unfazed from Javi's attempt on her life. However, she is nowhere near to Dodge's level, and so she opts to follow her lead.
    • Superhuman senses: As a demon, Eden possesses enhanced senses that allow her to better navigate her environment.
    • Superhuman metabolism: Because of the accelerated metabolisms of demons, Eden can not only hold vast amounts of alcohol but she also burns calories at an accelerated rate, keeping her body slim and fit, so this requires her to intake a high amount of calories to function normally. Her metabolism greatly exceeds Dodge's, although it is unclear how it compares to Frederick Gideon.
  • Master combatant: Eden showed she was fairly capable of handling herself in martial situations, being able to dominate Javi in a lethal brawl and leaving his bleeding corpse splayed over a desert after he was ordered to execute her.
  • Gifted intellect: In contrast to her host body's intellectual aptitude seeming rather limited, the demoness seems reasonably cultured and mentally able by comparison. Not only did she temporarily succeed in manipulating Josh Bennett, but she was quickly able to see through Frederick Gideon, refusing to allow Gideon's remarkable beauty to cloud her judgement and free him of her cautiousness, unlike what a vast majority of women would have done.
    • Gifted manipulator


Mental instability: Although this was once one of her host body's greatest strengths, Eden's demoness displayed a decreasing degree of social confidence, although she was still able to get her points across remarkably, she found it much harder to gain the respect of those she interacted with compared to her host, only meriting Brinker's in the last few days of her host body's lifespan.




  • Kinsey Locke (archrival)
  • Tyler Locke
  • Bode Locke
  • Scot Cavendish
  • Douglas Brazelle
  • Zadie Wells
  • Abby
  • Dodge
  • Karl (victim) †
  • Javi (attempted killer) †
  • Frederick Gideon (killer)


Name Cause of death
Two coast guardsmen Killed by shadow demons
Karl Face eaten
Javi Throat slashed with an ice skate


Crown of Shadows

The Premiere

Small World and Past is Prologue

Best Laid Plans and Irons in the Fire



Eden Hawkins is one of the most popular characters in Locke & Key, mainly due to Hallea Jones' underdog performance of her. Originally, she was supposed to be less comedic and entertaining, and more portentous and frightening. However, when Jones auditioned for the role, the screenwriters rewrote her character to fit more with the actress' own personality. Her stark contrast to Dodge's quirky yet serious-minded nature has also been well-received, as it adds the perfect touch to their shaky relationship. Hence, her fans started rumors about Eden miraculously surviving being cast into the well and surviving so she may feature in the third season that way; however, the production crew has recently shut these flimsy theories down.


  • Eden was created exclusively for the Netflix adaptation of Locke & Key as she has nothing to do with the graphic novels whatsoever.

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