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Edgar Mandrogora is the son of Stefano Mandrogora and recurring character in the DC animated universe.

Justice League Unlimited

Edgar first appeared in the episode "Blind Date" as a young boy reuniting with his father Steven after finally being freed from a rival gang. Steven renounced his criminal ways for Edgar's sake.

Batman Beyond

Edgar as an adult appeared in the episode "Mind Games" where it is revealed that he has telepathic powers and is a member of Brain Trust. On their behave he waited to ambush Batman at a fake school. He fought Batman however Batman was able to over power him and knock him unconscious.

The Zeta Project

In the episode "Ro's Gift", Edgar and other members of Brain Trust go after a girl who can talk to machines (really Ro talking to Zeta) to make he repair a bomb. However, when Ro convinces all of Brain Trust's prisoners against them, he is knocked out and later arrested.