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Edgar Munsen is a minor antagonist in the Saw franchise, appearing as a supporting antagonist in Jigsaw, the eighth installment of the series.

He is a criminal and a drug addict that was arrested twice by Detective Brad Halloran in the past, however, Halloran would end up freeing him in order to use him as a criminal informant. After that, Edgar murdered Christine Nelson, the wife of Logan Nelson. Logan, who was actually the apprentice of John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer, was riddled with vengeance and decided to continue Jigsaw's games, making Edgar and Halloran two of his victims.

He was portrayed by the late Josiah Black.


Early Life

Not much is known about Edgar Munsen's life, more than he is a drug addict sociopath and has been sent to prison two times by Detective Brad Halloran for various crimes, including personal injury, armed robbery and drug dealing. However, Halloran decided to free him from prison in order to use him as a criminal informant. After working for Halloran, Edgar returned to his usual life and at one point, murdered Christine Nelson, the wife of a man named Logan Nelson.


Years later, Logan, who was secretly an accomplice of John Kramer, decides to recreate a Jigsaw game he himself was part from a decade ago, using Halloran's clients as his victims. One of them was Edgar, who is kidnapped and placed inside an abandoned warehouse by Logan. After waking up, Edgar finds an audiotape next to him, which he grabs and plays. In the audio tape, John Kramer's voice can be listened, greeting Edgar and telling him that he is about to start a new game with five victims. The voice tells Edgar that by 12 o'clock he needs to find a remote and pull it's trigger. However, should Edgar not follow the rules, he will be killed instead.

Edgar decides to follow the instructions and drove with his car to the location of the remote, however, he was noticed by the police, which resulted in a chase. The officers were able to break the tires of Edgar's car by throwing spike strips on the floor, causing the car to crash with various water barrels and a police car. Edgar kicked the window of his car till it broke and climbed out of the car to continue escaping. Edgar entered the warehouse were he was told to go and went to the rooftop through the ladders. After reaching the rooftop, Edgar kept running and eventually found a red "X" drawn on a steel scaffold. Edgar ran to the scaffold and picked the remote, which was taped to it. However, he was then surrounded by all of the cops, who told him to get on the ground and drop the remote. Edgar told the cops to call Halloran, as according to him, five people would die if he didn't arrive in seventeen minutes.

After a few minutes, Halloran arrives at the scene with his partner Keith Hunt, and after seeing Edgar, he greets him and tells him to drop the remote. Edgar tells Halloran that he can't, as he needs to follow the rules or else he will die. Not understanding what Edgar was referring to, Halloran pulls out his gun and points at Edgar with it, however, Halloran also tells the other cops to not shoot Edgar but shoot the remote instead if he dares pushing the trigger. As timer runs out, Edgar panics even more, and despite Halloran trying to make him tell what's happening, Edgar pulls the trigger, thereby starting the game. This causes all of the cops to shoot at the remote and injury Edgar's hand. However, unbeknown to all of them, Logan was watching them through a rooftop and shoots Edgar in the chest with a rifle. Halloran sees Edgar's injury and asks the cops who was the one who shot him in the chest. Before passing out, Edgar tells Halloran that the game has just started.

After all of this, Edgar was transferred to the St. Peter's Hospital, where a doctor had to put him in an artificial coma as the bullet lodged against his heart. He was briefly visited by Halloran and Keith, who wanted to wake him up in order to make him some questions, however, the doctor explained to them that he needs to stabilize first and that the duration of his coma depends on the state of his swelling.

One night, while Edgar was sleeping on his room, Logan infiltrates the room without being noticed by the officer Canter. Logan then injects a medicament into Edgar's infusion bag causing him to wake up. Before he is able to react, Logan kidnaps Edgar and takes him to some place, where he murders him by slicing his throat.

After killing him, Logan cuts a jigsaw piece from Edgar's cheek and places his corpse in John Kramer's coffin, replacing John's corpse. Then he buries the coffin again. In the next morning, when John's coffin is being dug open by multiple people in order to proof to everyone that he is dead, they find Edgar inside of the coffin instead. The reporters group around to record the event while Keith, who was in the scene tells Halloran about this. Edgar's corpse is then transferred to the Morgue of the Police Department.

Later on the Morgue, when Logan tries to give Keith a fake alibi that he isn't the Jigsaw copycat, Logan inspects Edgar's corpse and removes the bullet that he previously shoot at him during his game. While doing so, he asks Keith what kind of gun does Halloran uses, to which Keith replies that a Glock 17. Unnoticed by him, Logan replaced the bullet of the rifle with one from a Glock 17, successfully making Keith believe that Halloran is the copycat. Keith tells Logan that he will take him home and to wait for his call as he goes to catch Halloran. Before going away, Logan covers up Edgar's corpse.


  • He has the same name as a hero, former villain character from Rockstar Games' Bully.


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