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I would wait outside the D.A.'s office until the light in his office went out. Some nights, he wouldn't even get into his car until after midnight. It was me he cared about, not you! Me! It was me he loved!
~ Noone, bragging about his crimes to Peter Stone

Edgar Noone, aka The Infinfity Rapist, is the villain of the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit episode "Dear Ben". He is a serial rapist who victimized women for 30 years to keep up the relationship he imagined he had with New York City District Attorney Ben Stone, even after Stone's death.

He is loosely based on serial killer and rapist Joseph James DeAngelo, known as the "Golden State serial killer", who was apprehended in 2018 after 30 years at large.

He is portrayed by Jude Ciccolella.

Early life

Noone had a traumatic childhood, in which his father forced him and his sister to listen while he raped their mother. Noone grew up to hate women, and became a serial rapist, with his signature being the infinity symbol he left at the scene of his crimes. He committed 23 rapes during his reign of terror, which spanned from 1971 to 1994. He "retired" when he married a woman who, presumably, complied with his violent sexual demands. He began raping again after she died.

He imagined that he had a father-son relationship with {{w|Benjamin Stone (Law & Order)|Ben Stone]], the Assistant District Attorney investigating the case, and stalked him for years, sending him anonymous letters and lurking outside his office until dawn. Noone mourned Stone's death in 2017 as much as Stone's family did, and kept newspaper clippings about his crimes and Stone's efforts to stop them as souvenirs.

In "Dear Ben"

When Stone's son Peter becomes the ADA for the Special Victims Unit, Noone begins raping again to revive his "legacy", even leaving his old "Infinity" notes behind to get Peter's attention. Sure enough, he is eventually arrested by the Special Victims Unit, and Peter questions him. With help from SVU's lieutenant, Olivia Benson, Stone manages to get a confession from Noone by insinuating that that Ben Stone did not really care about him; enraged, Noone admits to all the evidence against him to prove that Ben Stone "loved" him. He is then imprisoned for life.

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