Edgar Volgud is the main antagonist in the first arc of the Disney movie Atlantis: Milo's Return.

He was voiced by Clancy Brown.


When the Krakken made all the fish of the town of Krakenstaff disappear, Volgud sold his soul to the kraken for food in return for the souls of the townsfolks. Volgud also asked for immortality, but forgot to ask for eternal youth. Living for an unspecified time but over a hundred years, Volgud ran Krakenstaff, becoming old and creepy, while the Kraken would sink ships and bring their supplies to him.

When Milo and his team arrived in Krakenstaff to investigate the kraken's attacks, Volgud told them to leave and go to Tronhyme, but they chose to stay and continue their investigation. Volgud attempted to lead them to be eaten by the kraken, but they escaped, much to his surprise.

When Mole, Audrey, and Kida destroyed the kraken by blowing up a subpod full of missiles right next to him, his deal with Volgud was broken, and Volgud turned to dust.


  • Volgud is the first of two Disney villains to age into dust after losing their immortality for many years, other being Mother Gothel.


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