Edgar Wakefield

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Edgar Wakefield is an antagonist in the Dishonored DLC The Brigmore Witches. He is a member of the Dead Eels gang and the treacherous second-in-commandant to the gang leader Lizzie Stride.

He eventually took over the gang and surrendered Stride to the City Watch, leading to her imprisonment at Coldridge Prison. After Daud breaks Lizzie out, he is tasked by her to kill Wakefield who is the assassination target in the mission The Dead Eels.


After betraying Lizzie and taking over the Dead Eels, Wakefield started rooting out those still loyal to Lizzie, killing some of them gruesomely. However, he stil didn't really controll the gang, his hold over them vaguely at best. Even Wakefield eventually realised that he was in over his head. His image was even more tarnished when he started to break deals. Also, the engine coil of the Undine, the Dead Eels' smuggler boat, was stolen by another gang during Wakefield's reign.

After breaking out Lizzie in exchange for a trip on the Undine, Daud is told by Lizzie that Wakefield betrayed her and took over the gang. Daud is forced to head into Dead Eel territory to help Lizzie reclaim her gang. In order to do so, Daud is told to assassinate Wakefield who is located under deck. Daud can either knock out Wakefield or kill him. After Wakefield's elimination Daud has to sound the ship's horn as a signal for Lizzie. The remaining Dead Eels accept Lizzie as their leader and after returning the engine coil from the other gang, the Dead Eels bring Daud to the Brigmore Mansion.

If Daud defeats Wakefield non-lethally, Lizzie will kill him while Daud is away searching the engine coil. His corpse can be found on the Undine.


  • When the Outsider shrine is visited in the mission, the Outsider muses about the similarities between Wakefields' betrayal to Billie Lurk.
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