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Justice... morals... it's all just bullshit.
~ Edgars

Edgars is the secondary antagonist of Johan Falk: Out of the Ashes into the Fire, the first episode in the third season of the Johan Falk series. He is a Latvian, corrupt businessman part of an international criminal organization.

He was portrayed by Juris Zagars.


After Andrei Dudajev dies, Andrei's wife, Larissa Dudajev wants help from Johan Falk due to being threatened by multiple mobsters who were involved with him. While Edgars isn't necessarily Russian like Andrei, Edgars was still mostly associated with the Russian mob. Falk is forced to travel from Sweden to Riga with Larissa, and he'll obtain every single document that Andrei was working on when he found out about Frank Wagner's status as a police informant. However, while he's there, one of Edgars henchmen kill Larissa and beats Falk unconscious.

The next day, Falk wakes up in a hotel, in a horrible mood. He goes to the receptionist and asks him if he saw anyone walk with him to the hotel while checking in, he answers no. Falk tries making a call using the reception mobile but is interrupted by one of the biggest mobsters, who tells him the situation. However, Falk, who is shocked, just walks away but is caught by Edgars and his henchmen. He tells him that justice is useless and things like that, and says that he has to do a weapons dealing, or else he'll manage to put Falk in life imprisonment in a Latvian prison by saying that Falk killed the Dudajev's. Falk is forced to comply.

During the dealing, Edgars has two henchmen following Falk, who watch what he's doing. After it's revealed to Edgars that Falk has been recently talking with the police, he bursts into a rage and slams his phone into the ground, telling his henchmen to make Falk slow down so that they can look at his phone. However, as they are about to do so, the Rydell gang come to the rescue, and a shootout right in the middle of the road starts. When it is done, Falk realizes that one of the henchmen was actually a policeman, and Falk helps him after being nearly fatally shot. Falk and Lauris, as he is named, go to a hotel room and wait until Edgars comes. Once Edgars knocks on the door and walks in, Lauris talks to him as usual, but then reveals that he is switching sides due to the organization they are part of not being as powerful as before, and starts shooting at Edgars until he dies.


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