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Edi. E is the third boss from Final Fight. He is a corrupted police officer who is a member of the Mad Gear Gang.


Final Fight

Edi. E used to be a honest police officer, until the Mad Gear came to him and proposed a large amount of money in exchange for him working for them, which he reluctantly accepted due to his small salary and the fact he had to sustain his three children. Edi. E became key in establishing the Mad Gear as the dominating gang in Metro City, as he successfully apprehended all rival gang leaders.

Edi. E was in charge of the city's West Side. When Mike Haggar's daughter Jessica was kidnapped by Mad Gear, Cody encountered Edi. E outside a bar; who was depressed to see that Metro City became so corrupt that even police officers that worked for Mad Gear could save the city.

Cody fought the corrupted cop and won, despite the advantage that Edi had with his firearm. Ever since then Edi. E developed a grudge against Cody.

Final Fight Revenge

To get even with Cody, Edi. E decided to frame Cody for the crimes that another Mad Gear member Poison did. He managed to capture and arrested Cody shortly after. He did this by ambushing near a cemetery. Cody was innocent of these particular crimes, but he was convicted for aggravated assault on numerous occasions. So far, nobody has discovered that Edi E was the one who planted the evidence against Cody.

Street Fighter Alpha III

Some time after he was arrested, Cody would sometimes try to breaks out of prison whenever he feels like it, and when he does, Edi. E would usually be the cop to chase after him and try to arrest him.


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