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Edie Reynolds

Edie Reynolds Fallon is the main villainess from "Little Girl Lost," episode 7.04 of Mannix. She also appeared in the episode's sequel, "Hard Boiled Murder," from the fourth season of Diagnosis Murder.

She was played by Julie Adams.



Edie Reynolds was introduced in Mannix as the wife of reporter Lou Reynolds, as well as the mother of their young daughter, Tina Reynolds. However, Edie would abandon her husband and daughter and attempt an acting career, and when she returned, she tried to go back to Lou, only for Lou to file for divorce. As revealed in the Diagnosis Murder sequel, Edie was also having an affair with George Fallon, who hired Mannix on a case that same episode.

Lou planned to file for sole custody of Tina, which dismayed Edie immensely. Edie plotted to murder her husband, and she do after tracking Lou and Tina to a nearby zoo. Using a hunting rifle, Edie killed Lou with a single shot, with Tina witnessing the murder but not knowing (at the time) that her mother was the killer. For over 20 years, Lou's murder was fingered as a mob killing.

Diagnosis Murder

Edie Reynolds Fallon

Edie Fallon in Diagnosis Murder

Edie continued serving as a hidden villainess in the Diagnosis Murder sequel, which featured Mannix back on the Lou Reynolds case due to incriminating tapes connected to the case being taken. With the knowledge that Mannix was back on the case, Edie turned heel and fired a shot at Mannix, using the same rifle that she used to kill her husband. When Mannix first encounters Edie in the sequel, she is married to Fallon, and had been for 20 years after the affair began.

Edie's reveal came in the end of the episode, as Mannix confronted Edie at home with the evidence that she killed Lou. It was Edie using the rifle in the murder and the attempt on Mannix that gave her away, and regarding motive, Tina (now a reporter herself) was her sole reason. Edie confessed to killing Lou, stating that he was going to have her declared as an unfit mother and she would lose Tina. After the admission, Steve Sloan arrested Edie for killing her husband and attempting to kill Mannix.

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