The Clairvoyant Doesn't like to be touched
~ Edison Po

Edison Po is a supporting antagonist in Season 1 of the TV series Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. He is a criminal who worked as a military tactician for HYDRA in the Centipede Project.

He was portrayed by Cullen Douglas.


Before the events of the series, Po was a former marine who fell off the grid in 2008. He was an expert on tactics and rapid response.

Po later resurfaced in 2012 in a diner, where he was arrested for stabbing a man in the eye with a steak knife for asking about his employer, the Clairvoyant

Po served time in prison, where he was visited by a woman named Raina. She informed Po that the doctor was dead because of Phil Coulson and that the Centipede project is to move to stage three.

Whilst Po was eating his dinner in prison, a group of Centipede Soldiers broke in and rescued him. 

Po was taken to a centipede facility where he was served a steak dinner. Once reunited with Raina, he consulted with the Clairvoyant on the phone, who was having trouble finding a man who would be the key to Stage Three. Raina then informed Po that for their safety they keep having to relocate to a different facility, as Shield keeps finding them.

Po spoke with the Clairvoyant again and told Raina that all would be revealed in time. Raina then started asking questions about the Clairvoyant, to which Po said that the last person who asked got stabbed in the eye, however he has been mentioning her contributions to centipede to his superior.

Po and Raina then kidnapped the son of Mike Peterson, to set a trap for Phil Coulson.

Po then used a memory machine to torture Phil Coulson into giving him intel about how he was bought back from the dead.

The Clairvoyant then called Po, and found that his interrogation methods were ineffective, as punishment for his failure, The Clairvoyant executed Po via Phone.


  • Edison Po was the one who started calling John Garrett the 'Clairvoyant', a named that which caught on.


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