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Edmund (Hey Arnold)

Edmund (Hey Arnold)

Edmund is an anti-villain in animated TV series, Hey Arnold!. He is Wolfgang's best friend, he help Wolfgang to pick on one of the 4th grade students of P.S 118. He is also dumb and a lot nicer than the other 5th grade students. His idiocy and affable nature results in abuse from Wolfgang.


Edmund makes his first appearance in "Longest Monday". He, Wolfgang and the other 5th grader students tries to put every 4th grade students in the trash cans.

Edmund appears in "Mudbowl", when Wolfgang, Edmund and the other 5th grade students challenge the 4th grade students to a game of football.

In "Friday the 13th, he helps Wolfgang to pull jinx on Arnold and Gerald, letting them think they are cursed. Arnold and Gerald notice the purple gum on Gerald's garlic necklace, and found out that Wolfgang and Edmund are behind all that. Arnold and Gerald goes to Wolfang's house and has 13 black cats coming after Wolfgang and Edmund.

In "Gerald's Game", Edmund is one of the players and Gerald's subjects.

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