Edna is the secondary antagonist in the Columbo episode "Swan Song".
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Edna forced Tommy Brown, a famous country singer, into marrying her in exchange for helping him get parol from prison. Not carring for him she intended to use his talent for her causes. Due to this, at one point Tommy had had an affair with a young girl, however as it turned out she was underage at the time.

Edna used this to blackmail and extort Tommy, forcing him to give every single penny he made through his music towards her plans of building a great tembernacle, which was going to cost five million dollars (of which he had only just made the first million).

One night after a concert, before being forced to fly off to Los Angeles, Edna was confronted by Tommy about it, stating he was willing to carry on her project but merely asked that he be allowed to keep half, or at least some of the money he was making, but Edna refused declaring every single penny went towards the tembernacle. She then threatened to expose what he had done, which as it was in violation of the Man Act would lead to him going to prison. She then denouced him as a lecerous sinner who it was only through her mercy she was letting be free. Tommy shot back by calling her out her hypocrisy, but she casually ignored him claiming she was acting in the lords name. Leaving him with next to no choice, Tommy then lied that due to the weather they couldn't leave for a few hours, while knowing a storm was coming.

While in mid flight, Tommy turned off the heater, so Edna and her assistant (the girl he had an affair with, who Edna kept arround to keep control over him) got cold. Tommy lied that the heater was busted and offered them some drugged coffee. Once they passed out, he unbuckled himself and took the parachute he kept hidden where the charts should be out, putting it on he jumped out of the plane, leaving it to crash killing both Edna and the girl he had the affair with.

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