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Well, well, well.
~ Eduardo's most famous quote.
What are you losers doing now?
~ Eduardo's usual catchphrase when he meets Edd's gang.
~ Eduardo as a supervillain.
Why don't you just give up? You're a loser! Face it, Edd! You're coming in second place!
~ Eduardo beating up Edd in PowerEdd.

Eduardo is the secondary antagonist of the 2005 web animated and webcomic series Eddsworld, serving as the final antagonist of Eddsworld original series, the secondary antagonist of Eddsworld Legacy and a supporting character in Eddsworld Beyond. He makes his biggest appearances in the Hammer & Fail series, PowerEdd and episode Saloonatics.

He strongly resembles his neighbor Edd who is also his biggest rival. Eduardo lives with two other guys, Jon & Mark who are more minions than friends to him.

He was voiced by Chris O'Neill in his earlier appearances and later by Brock Baker.


Although Eduardo looks similar to Edd, there are several differences between them. Eduardo has a peach fuzz and a green button-up shirt instead of a hoodie.


No one hits my neigbor but ME!
~ Eduardo in PowerEdd.

Eduardo prefers Diet Coke to normal Coke. According to his Brooklyn accent, he might be an American. Just like Edd, Eduardo has two mates as well, but he takes himself as their leader and uses violent methods to enforce their obedience. He mainly hates Jon, whom he calls useless idiot and punches for no reason. But the only person he deeply hates since childhood is Edd. Most of their conflicts are started by big-headed Eduardo trying to be better than his neighbor.

Despite being a jerk and a rival to Edd, he does appear to have a caring personality, as shown where he mourns Jon after he is indirectly killed by Tord, attacking Mutated Tom for attacking Edd, and he misses Laurel. Even stating that no one should ever hit Edd but him.

In a Beaster Bunny, Eduardo becomes silent, mellow and depressed because of Jon’s death, not even trying to cause an argument or even become afraid of anything and shows signs of giving up.


According to the Hammer & Fail series, the rivalry between Edd and Eduardo begins shortly after Eduardo and his mates move into Edd's neighborhood. One day Edd orders Coke and Eduardo Diet Coke at the same time. However, their shipments become mixed by an accident. Eduardo believes Edd mixed up the order on purpose and he starts to hate him. Later, Eduardo builds a giant extension to their house in order to look better than Edd's. However, it only is a large piece of cardboard, destroyed by the ghost from Edd's house. This incident eventually forces Eduardo to help Edd to stop the ghost - by sitting outside of the house, watching and laughing at Edd's trio fighting the ghost by themselves. As soon as the ghost realizes he is in the wrong house, he quickly moves to Eduardo's, destroying it completely. When Edd refuses to help him, Eduardo swears revenge on him.

In Space Face: Part 2, Eduardo, Jon and Mark are flying the spaceship when they bump into Edd, Tom, and Matt, flying in their spaceship. The ships slowly fly away, with the gangs staring angrily at each other.

In the comics No. 164 - info, Eduardo hires a spy to find out everything Edd is doing. However, when he gets a gigantic list of Edd's activities, he realizes how stupid his plan was. Also, in the comics No. 182 - Blast, Edd is blasted from the cannon into the wall of Eduardo's house, obviously making Eduardo's anger even bigger.

In PowerEdd, Edd is confronted by Eduardo again who vaunts that his new nuclear-power satellite dish is better than Edd's one, as it can catch channels from space. When Edd asks him what his problem is with him, Eduardo states that he's "numero uno" and thus better than Edd who is always on the second place. While talking, Eduardo punches his dish, accidentally releasing a blast of radiation which hits both Edd and him, giving them super powers.

Without hesitating, Eduardo starts misusing his powers, in the opposite of Edd who chooses to be a superhero. As he wants to push Edd in the fight, he provokes him by destroying factories which make things Edd love: bacon with Cola, Cola with bacon and green hoodies. This forces Edd to attack his rival, only to discover Eduardo's power is too strong.

They fight till Edd ends up on the ground, weak to move. Eduardo keeps punching him, saying another reference for Edd being in the second place, behind Eduardo. Suddenly, Edd remembers the school drawing competition they both participated as kids. Eduardo was about to win, but when the teacher saw Edd's picture, she gave the first prize to him instead. After that, Edd and other children started taunting unhappy Eduardo for being second. Now, Edd apologizes for his rival for the incident, making him dubious about finishing him.

Suddenly, they are attacked by a monster (mutated Tom actually) and Edd throws himself in front of Eduardo in order to save him. The monster punches Edd away who therefore loses his superpowers. Touched, Eduardo decides to turn sides and throws the monster away by his laser ray, turning it back into Tom. However, he loses his powers as well.

In The End, Eduardo sarcastically remarks how happy Tom looked, with Jon not picking up on the sarcasm as Mark lounges on the couch. In part 2, the robot is confronted by Eduardo, before it launches a rocket at Eduardo's home. Before they are interrupted by Eduardo, grieving over Jon's body. Edd and Matt realize that it was Jon who died, not Tom, before Tord destroys the control panel and flies away.

He and Mark return in Beaster Bunny, attending the public Easter celebration. While Mark tries to get over his irrational fear of rabbits and cheer Eduardo up by going for a walk, Eduardo still silently mourns Jon. When the Beaster Bunny tries to attack them, Mark fearfully flees, but Eduardo sarcastically tries to be afraid of the Bunny but then he turns mellow and tells the Beaster Bunny that he can't be scared of him as he is not in the mood for such things right now and sadly leaves. The saddened Beaster Bunny leaves him, wreaking havoc elsewhere.


  • His theme music a Latin style guitar lick, which is also the sound made by his doorbell.
  • His bad behavior might be a reason why the ghost wanted to attack him.
  • Although it seemed he hates Edd due to the Coke incident, the PowerEdd shows the problem actually started during their childhood. Also, the drawing competition is the reason why Eduardo always wants to be better than Edd.
  • Unknown if intentional or not, but Eduardo is similar to both Wario and Waluigi, as they are both considered "evil twins" of the protagonists, they are both rivals and are quite jealous of their heroes counterparts, both have baggy eyes and mustaches, always consider themselves to be number one, (or numero uno in Eduardo's case), they're also willing to team up against larger threats.
  • Although he can be viewed as merely a generic evil counterpart of the protagonist, he may have been also inspired on some level by Murdoc Niccals from Gorillaz. They have a bit similar looks and share many traits (minus the accents - Eduardo speaks with a Brooklyn accent, while Murdoc with a Cockney one), such as arrogance, rudeness and abusiveness, as well as similar relationships with their more dimwitted friends/minions - Eduardo constantly badmouthed and abused Jon, sometimes for no reason, just like Murdoc did with 2-D.
  • The line "No one hits my neighbour but me!" Eduardo said in PowerEdd is similiar to Vegeta said that nobody defeats Kakarot but him.
  • Jon's death in "The End: Part 2" impacted him greatly, as in the next episode "Beaster Bunny", he is shown to be visibly depressed and hardly acknowledges the giant mutant chocolate bunny terrorizing people in the park because of this. Even the bunny felt somewhat bad for him.
  • His, "Well, well, well..." quote has become a meme after his appearance in the Friday Night Funkin' mod, Friday Night Funkin ONLINE VS Challenges.


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