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Mother: Why are you doing that?

Garrotte: You're a bad mother.

~ Garrotte to a mother before killing her.

Edward Garrotte (real name: Jean-Luc Sevard) is the main antagonist of the 2001 science-fiction action and thriller film, Replicant. He is a notorious serial killer whose all targets are mothers due to an incident with his abusive mother, Gwendolyn Sevard.

He was portrayed by the famous Jean-Claude Van Damme who also portrayed Jean Vilain in Expendables 2 and Ivan "The Russian" Kraschinsky in No Retreat, No Return and Luc Deveraux from Universal Soldier series.



Jean-Luc Sevard was abused by Gwendolyn Sevard who attempted to burn their house down after she killed an unfaithful father. This would results Sevard a bitter hatred toward women (especially mothers).

Becoming a serial killer

Sevard surnames as Edward Garrotte as well as "The Torch" perhaps because of his burning methods as shown when he burned an apartment after killing a mother.


While breaking into the apartment of Downtown, a somewhat beaten mother, seized, questions why is he doing that and the serial killer replies that she's a bad mother then kicks her in the face, snapping her neck and killing her in the process. He sing rockabye baby when putting an infant onto his bed and declares he would put an end to this nightmare. He takes pictures of the corpse and pours alcohol onto that and then lits the fire, burning an apartment in the process when leaving a baby behind. When Detective Jake Riley chases after him, Garrotte gets a small shard pierced onto his hand

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