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I don't feel guilty, that doesn't mean I don't feel bad. I'm rich, but I'm still human.
~ Edward Vogler

Edward Vogler is the main antagonist in the first season of the Universal/FOX medical drama House MD. He is the billionaire owner of a pharmaceutical company who uses his money to become chairman of the Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital in order to use it as a platform to promote his new drug.

He was portrayed by Chi McBride.


Vogler is the billionaire owner of a pharmaceutical company who becomes the chairman of the board of PPTH late in season 1. He originally became rich by tricking his father into giving him $20,000 for college before investing it in a small company that quickly became successful, making him a multi-millionaire. He then decided to invest in several more successful businesses, making him a billionaire overnight.

After his father's Alzheimer's takes a turn for the worse in season 1, Vogler donates $100 million to PPTH, with the condition that he be made chairman of the board to control how they spend his money. He immediately takes a dislike to Dr. House, and employs Dr. Robert Chase to spy on him.

In a bid to save money, Vogler orders House to fire one staff member or he will be fired. House suggests that everyone take a pay cut, but Vogler rejects it as his real purpose is to let House know that he is no longer calling the shots. He then demands that House fire either Allison Cameron or Eric Foreman, as both refused to replace Chase as Vogler's snitch.

However, Vogler also tells House that if he endorses a new drug he is manufacturing called Viopril, then everyone can stay on. House agrees, but soon discovers that Viopril is simply a more expensive version of an already existing drug. During his speech, he tells everyone that Viopril is a scam and they should continue using the old drug. As a result, Cameron is forced to resign.

Vogler tells the board of his intention to fire House for his lack of discipline and methods sometimes bordering on malpractice. As House has tenure, Vogler requires a unanimous vote to pass his motion. James Wilson votes no, resulting in Vogler tabling a motion to have him removed from the board. He succeeds by gaining a majority vote, but must wait another day before he can try to fire House again.

The final time the board meets on the issue, Dr. Cuddy stands up to Vogler and calls him out for his controlling ways and lack of accountability. Vogler predictably tried to have her fired, but she leaves, telling the board that this is their final chance to stand up to Vogler. The board votes not to fire House, and Vogler takes his money and leaves.



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