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Edwin Soames was a recurring character in Coronation Street, appearing as the abusive father of Kirsty Soames.

He was portrayed by David Lonsdale, which also portrayed Peter Barlow in 1986.


Edwin was a policeman who was abusive towards his wife Alison and their daughter Kirsty. When Kirsty was 16 years old, she came home from a party and Edwin brutally attacked her, causing her to leave home. She later joined the police as it was her father's wishes. Due to his abuse, Kirsty grew up to have a short temper like her father and was also abusive, and would later abuse her partner Tyrone Dobbs.

Edwin and his wife turned up at Tyrone's home 9 Coronation Street to attend a party. He was angered to discover that Kirsty had been suspended from the police, and didn't approve of her being pregnant to Tyrone and also engaged to him, as he viewed Tyrone as a loser who worked at a backstreet garage. Edwin left the household, and ordered his wife to come with him, the incident which left Kirsty shaken and Tyrone feeling regretful at inviting him, not realizing what Edwin was like.

Later in the year his wife left him as she was fed up with his abusive behaviour, and moved into a refuge. She later moved in with Kirsty and Tyrone and met her granddaughter Ruby. Edwin turned up at the house looking for Alison, and later abducted Ruby in order to force Alison to come home, which she complied.


  • He could be considered the bigger bad/greater scope villain of the domestic abuse storyline involving Kirsty and Tyrone, as his abuse of her is what set her on the path to becoming a villain and abusing Tyrone.