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Egg Fu is a supervillain from DC comics and one of the more distinctive characters of the company, being portrayed as an egg-shaped humanoid and dating back to the Silver Age where he was originally a Chinese Communist agent and an enemy of Wonder Woman.

Egg Fu's real name is Chang Tzu, but writers seem to have discontinued his use of this name - though there is debate on the matter as Egg Fu has appeared in many different variations over the years.



Chang Tzu, also known by the name Egg Fu, was a highly-intelligent scientist who served the Chinese government as part of the Great Ten, worked as a weapons manufacturer for Intergang, and was an agent of Apokolips. Believing the prophecies of the Bible of Crime, Egg Fu gathered a number of other scientists together in order to form the Science Squad, which then he used to create the four Horsemen from these prophecies. However, Egg Fu's manipulations did not go unnoticed, as T.O. Morrow's former student William Magnus eventually murders Chang and betrays the Science Squad. Despite Egg Fu's apparent death, he later resurfaces alive and well during his other schemes. It has been hinted that his constant survival is a result of cloning.

New 52

Egg Fu's history was altered for the New 52 and becomes a recurring character in the Harley Quinn comic series. In this continuity, Egg Fu’s real name is Edgar Fullerton Yeung and once forced Poison Ivy to try and develop a potion that would get his landlord to like him so he can keep his apartment. However, Harley Quinn takes pity on Edgar and allows him to stay at her apartment block instead.

Dark Nights: Metal

The Chang Tzu incarnation of Egg Fu reappears during the Dark Nights: Metal event with other scientists to assist the Justice League in protecting the multiverse from the Dark Knights.

Video Games

The latest debut of Egg Fu is in the online game DC Universe Online were he acts as a boss in Oolong Island, an alert (which functions like dungeons in other online games).

Egg Fu appears as an unlockable character in LEGO DC Super Villains, renamed to Chang Tzu. He can be unlocked if the player gathers objects so he can construct his "Doomsday Device".


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