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Let's see. let pass the brats

Aver. Que pasen los mocosos

The Egg Santa (Huevo Santa in original language) is a bitter and serious egg that gives bad gifts of low cost to the children because, according to him, they never behave well. He has never entered the fireplace when he presents gifts. In his workshop, his assistant elves do not work. Only one reindeer looks hungry: Rudolph.


Is a cruel satire to Santa Claus. The holy egg is a bitter egg that gives low-cost gifts to children. It is vulgar and conflicting, and never enters the chimney. In his workshop, the goblins are on strike, and the only reindeer left is Rodolfo, since the rest supposedly ate them. Mrs. Claus went with her mother, according to Egg Santa "To think things." According to Ferdinand, Santa does not want him, because he has asked for gifts, hates children and never works. Once appeared in the show of the Mr. Dongo and fought with the same presenter, given that he went through criticizing the conditions of the program.

Role in the Show

Most of his fragments and sketches in the episodes he stars, does nothing more than complain about his work as the Christmas figure, mistreating the children who gave them their gifts of very poor quality, showing little enthusiasm for their work .Living in a deplorable situation inside his cabin in the north pole, not to say that his workshop of gifts is in bank broken for lack of budget.




Huevocartoon - El Huevo Santa


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