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Eggplant Wizard is a character that appeared in the animated series Captain N: The Gamemaster. He works along with King Hippo and is a servant of the evil Mother Brain, and the enemy of Kid Icarus from the Nintendo Game Kid Icarus, who also is the Endboss.


Eggplant Wizard can use his Staff to cast a variety of produce he first demonstrated when he conjured a giant Banana peel to Captain N. He can even use it to transport bring beeing into Fruits or Vegetable, thought this doesen´t the victims abilitis in any visible way.


Eggolant Wizard uses a wide assortment of produce themed Gadgets and weapory including the follow:

  • Broccoli Bazooka
  • Banana Gun
  • Radio control sweet Potata
  • Mushroom Helicopter
  • Atomic Spud Gun
  • Corn Cannon
  • Dandelion
  • Tomato Bomb
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