Your did not cut deep enough.
~ Egil, to Shulk, as the Monado impaled through him has little effect.

Egil is the (redeemed) secondary antagonist in the videogame Xenoblade Chronicles. Long ago, he was described as a kind, benevolent man who would help out the poor. This all changed when his friend, Arglas, was possessed by Zanza, and Mechonis was attacked by a group of Telethia. Egil swore revenge on Zanza on behalf of his fallen kinsmen. As a result, Egil attacked Bionis in an attempt to reduce Zanza's regeneration rate.

He is voiced by Daisuke Kirii in the Japanese version and Peter Bramhill in the English version.


The party meets Egil for the first time on Valek Mountain, piloting Yaldabaoth. He shows off several Mass-Produced Faces before flying away. Later in Agniratha, the party fights with him for the first time. Shulk, Vanea, and Meyneth try to reason with him, but he brushes them, claiming that they "side with his sworn enemy". The party meets him again at Mechonis Core, for the final fight against him. Right as Shulk is about to finish off Egil, Zanza's voice appears in his head, encouraging his revenge. Fiora stops Shulk, and as a result, after realizing that both worlds were once at peace, and fully realizing Lady Mayneth's wish, Shulk and Egil form a truce. However, Shulk is immediately shot in the back by Dickson, and is supposedly killed.

Recognizing Dickson as one of Zanza's disciples, Egil tries to attack him but fails, as Zanza emerges from Shulk's body and lays out his ultimate plan to destroy and re-create the universe once again. Zanza then proceeds to re-awaken and control Bionis, engaging Mechonis, controlled by Egil, re-igniting the ancient fated battle that happened long ago between the former and latter. Egil attempts to attack Zanza, but is proven to have little effect, as he is weakened from the previous battle, and Yaldabaoth is maimed in the process.

Following Meyneth's death from Zanza, with little time left as Mechonis is slowly starting to implode, Egil bids farewell to Vanea, claiming that he has one last duty. Egil uses Mechonis as a shield for the main party so that they can escape, Mechonis, as Shulk is still alive. As they escape from Zanza aboard the Junks, Egil uses Mechonis as a shield so they can escape. Zanza gets angry with Egil and destroys Mechonis, killing Egil in the process.


This is the strongest Mechon ever built, controlled by me, Egil. Leader of Mechonis, and agent of Meyneth!
~ Egil
How dare you!
~ Egil
This world is in disarray. I must eliminate the cause of this disorder and restore the world to its original form. This is my duty. Nay, the will of the world!
~ Egil
Pure nonsense. That thing lurking within the Homs girl is no longer our god. This world no longer has a need for gods!
~ Egil
They will judge me not in life, but death!
~ Egil, to Zanza.
Now I shall finally rid the world of you bugs!
~ Egil
Face me, Shulk! Successor of Zanza! I'll crush the Bionis and spread its ashes across the world! Then I'll turn the Monado into dust. Only then will there be peace!
~ Egil
Shulk, for both our worlds, you must succeed. Lady Meyneth.
~ Egil's last words



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