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I am-, I am the god!! Irregulaaaaaar!!!
~ Ehit's last words.

Ehit is the main antagonist of the Japanese light/web novel series Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest and it's spin-off Arifureta: Zero. He will appear the Season 2 as the main antagonist.

He was a pseudo-god once worshiped by Tortus. In reality, he was actually an alien from a destroyed world known as the Calamity World that arrived on Tortus and manipulate humanity as playthings to led humans to their deaths like some sort of a game. He summoned the so-called "chosen heroes" to fight demons just to ensure for their death. However, when Hajime discovered the truth, Ehit tried everything in an attempt to kill Hajime and his companions. But his game was ruined when humanity turned against him leaving Tortus as a godless world by Aiko Hatayama and Princess Liliana S. B. Heiligh. Following the truth, Ehit decided to wipe out humanity and beastmen race in his attempt to stay alive as well attempt to invade Hajime's home world in order to rule his world.

He is the archenemy of both one of his former summon "heroes" who killed the false god himself, Hajime Nagumo and the former vampire queen who is Hajime's lover, Yue.


In his image, Ehit was a supposedly a benevolent and kind "god" who blessed the so-called "Hero Party" physical strength (except for Hajime Nagumo when he belittled him in a foolish way) to fight against Garland and their monsters.

However, in his true nature, Ehit is a ruthless, psychotic, uncaring, selfish, sadistic and power-crazed alien who cares nothing for the so-called "heroes" or his supposedly worshipers as they are nothing but pawns in his chessboard of life which would lead them to their doom. He only cares is himself due to his lust for immortality. He is obsessed that he wanted to rule Tortus as a god. He mistreated humanity when manipulated the human and demons to wage wars countless millennia for his attempts to acquire immortality. Despite his ruthlessness, he is amused upon Daisuke Hiyama and Eri Nakamura for the plot on betraying the Heiligh Kingdom to kill everyone making them zombie slaves and decided to allow them to work for him. When seeing how Hiyama died by Hajime's hands, Ehit lost all of his interests on Hiyama as a sign of disappointed due to Hiyama being pathetically weak.

He viewed Yue to be his "host body" and attempted to control her body to achieve immortality until when she broke free from his influence which lead Hajime to kill Ehit. He once viewed Kouki Amanogawa to be his strongest vessel and precious pawn for the balance of his "chessboard of life and death" which is the reason he chose Kouki a so-called "hero" due to his delusion habits of justice, but now deemed him to be utterly useless after his second ease defeat by Hajime once again as Kouki is too weak for any of his uses to Ehit in final battle against Hajime but found a use for him to be a "prize" for his newly servant, Eri by manipulating her after got amused for serving him. Ehit viewed humanity to be weak and playthings as he deemed all mortal races to be weak such as deceiving the holy church of believing beastmen were "inferior" race. His beliefs of protecting humanity against Garland's demons was just a setup to ensure the so-called "Hero Party" to die in a miserable death. All of his teaching he give the Holy Church was a sham and completely meaningless to ensure of continue his twisted entertainment for humanity to suffer in a miserable death.

However, Ehit is, in reality, a coward who is afraid of death and afraid his true nature would be revealed, which is the legacy of the Liberators' goal. He is shown to fear Hajime as a threat which is far worse than the Liberators ever were due to not only did Hajime obtained power holds far superiority to his entire classmates but his unconcern of Tortus after Hajime refused to rejoin his classmates for Ehit's twisted entertainment. Ehit shown in fears as Hajime unleashed massacres and genocides of killing Ehit's pawns effortlessly leaving the false god wanted to kill Hajime and his companions at all costs by sending his strongest Apostle, Noint to eliminate Hajime for ruining Ehit's plans. He shown in a sheer of terror when Hajime killed Noint and used her body to revive Kaori Shirasaki as an insult to the psychotic alien. Ehit shown even more fears when Hajime and his comrades defeated all 500 of Ehit's Apostles.

After Aiko and Princess Liliana revealed the true nature of Ehit to be an evil "god" was revealed to the entire world, forever ruining his little "Chessboard", Ehit is terrified after his human worshipers turned against him and join Hajime's side due to Aiko and Princess Liliana. He is also paranoid of trying to do whatever means necessary to stay alive and continue his twisted reign by attempting to wipe out humanity and the entire beastman races as well planning to invade and take over Hajime's home world until he lead himself to his own demise in the final battle afterwards when he was killed by Hajime and his "chessboard of life and death" has been destroyed for all eternity.



Noint - Creation

Noint is strongest of all Ehit's Apostle creations. He assigned her to brainwash Heiligh Kingdom into worshiping him. When Hajime interrupted his plans, Ehit send Noint to kill him. But shown in sheer of terror when Hajime killed Noint and used her corpse to revive Kaori much of his insult to Ehit.

Hearst - Creation

Hearst is the second strongest of Ehit's creations. After Noint's demise, Ehit send her and the other 500 apostles to kill Hajime, his party and the so called "chosen heroes". Ehit shown in even more sheer of terror when Shea killed Hearst.

Freid Bagwa - Demon Worshiper

Freid is his devoted demon worshiper. Freid will kills anyone who disrespect the so-called "gods". Ehit gives Freid an undergone transformation to turn him into a hybrid.

Eri Nakamura - Former Summoned Hero turned his Servant

Ehit considered Eri as an interesting "piece" to his plans. When hearing her attempted murder upon her classmates, Ehit find her and her insecure personality to be amusing as he decided to let her work for him. When meeting her, Ehit gives her an undergone transformation to turn her into a hybrid. After she capture Yue, Ehit deemed Eri to be worthy and granted her wish to have Kouki as a "prize" for her service. Her last loyalty to Ehit is she committed suicide in attempted to kill her false best friend, Suzu but died in a process.

Daisuke Hiyama - Former Summoned Hero almost become his Servant until his death by Hajime

Despite not meeting him, Ehit has amusements for Hiyama's insanity as he offering Hiyama to work for him after destroying the Heiligh Kingdom. However, in his death by Hajime's hands, Ehit show pitiless and made no efforts to save Hiyama after he failed him. On the contrary, Ehit's only reaction he expressed is a minor disappointment when seeing how pathetically weak Hiyama was.

Alva - Fellow God Wannabe and his Retainer

Ehit's retainer and his fellow survivor from a destroyed planet. They've manipulated humans and demons into meaninglessly wars just ensure of their deaths. Ehit shown in displeased when Hajime killed Alv in his search for Yue.


Liberators - Archenemy Faction and Killed Victims

The Liberators were Ehit's archenemy faction and victims. Before they would go against him. Ehit has turned humanity against the Liberators to defeat them. The Liberators created the Labyrinth trials for someone who is worthy but even worse than the Liberators themselves to ensure their goals for Ehit's demise. This goal was succeeded when Hajime killed Ehit.

Hajime Nagumo - Former Summoned Hero, Archenemy and Killer

One of Ehit's formerly summoned "hero" and his future archenemy and killer.

Ehit belittled Hajime and give him non-combat abilities without superhuman abilities unlike his classmates.

However, while Hajime is alive but gained abilities greater than his now weak and incompetence classmates, Ehit fears Hajime even worse than the Liberators due to not only his superiority powers beyond than his entire classmates, but his unconcern for Tortus and its people as he refused to rejoice his classmates to suit for Ehit's twisted entertainment by unleashing the massacre upon both of Ehit's human and demon worshipers. Since all of his worshipers are completely powerless against Hajime, Ehit considered the latter as an "irregular" and wanted to kill him and his companions at all costs by sending Noint to assassinate Hajime. However, Ehit shown in greater fear when Hajime killed Noint and used her corpse to revive Kaori from her temporarily death by Daisuke Hiyama.

Due to Aiko and Liliana, Hajime has successfully got Ehit's supposedly human worshipers to turn against the false god himself much of his fears. Following the truth, Ehit send 500 of his Apostles to assassinate not only Hajime, but also his companions and Ehit's former supposedly heroes to ensure they will never leave Tortus back to Japan alive. He shown in fear when Hajime and his companions killed all of Ehit's Apostles. In the final battle, Hajime fought Ehit (while controlling over Yue's body) until Yue freed herself from Ehit's influence allowing Hajime to kill Ehit and destroy his little "Chessboard of Life and Death" for all eternity. In the moments of his death, Ehit realized Hajime wasn't fighting to free Tortus from his tyranny or for the Liberators' goals instead he only fought Ehit due to him being his enemy who stood his way for his failed attempted to possess Yue.

Yue - Supposedly Host Body and Enemy

Ehit merely viewed Yue as his supposedly host body. He attempted to seek and possess her body. But couldn't found her due to her being imprisoned into the Orcus Labyrinths by her subject who (supposedly) betrayed her. When his minions informed him of Yue being Hajime's companion, Ehit continually seek out to seize her. After Eri captured Yue, Ehit temporarily possessed Yue's body (but doesn't gain full control). In the final against Hajime, Yue freed herself from Ehit's control leaving him vulnerable as Hajime killed Ehit. Following his death by Hajime, Yue obtained all of Ehit's powers.

Kaori Shirasaki - Former Summoned Hero and Pawn, later Enemy

Kaori once respected Ehit while being part of the so-called "heroes". However, when learning the truth from Hajime, Kaori immediately lost her respects for Ehit and stayed by Hajime's side as she opposed to Ehit's childish games and fully aware she would be considered as a "heretic" for Ehit's tyrannical rule. Ehit shown in displeased when Hajime used Noint to revive Kaori from her temporarily death from Daisuke Hiyama.

Kouki Amanogawa Former Summoned Hero, Pawn and later Enemy

Ehit viewed Kouki as his precious pawn and a strong vessel as he chosen him as a "hero" due to his delusional idealism and prides just to suit Ehit's purposes.

He viewed him as a maintenance for his "game of death". However, when Aiko and Liliana revealed of Ehit to be an evil "god", Kouki is shocked when learned that he was actually a pawn to Ehit's game and forsakes his respects and wanted to kill the false god. He tried to blame Hajime for not telling him the truth about Ehit only be told by the latter that it's his own naivety was the cause. Despite of him learnt of Ehit's schemes including that Kouki was never a true hero, Kouki still believe himself as a hero.

When corrupted by his doppelganger for a pathetic measly power up, Kouki is willing to fulfill as Ehit's "chosen hero" by killing Hajime and take his lovers to "save the world" only to be easily defeated by Hajime yet again.

Following his second defeat after Eri captured Yue, Ehit now deemed Kouki to be useless and too weak for any uses in an upcoming final battle against Hajime but has only found a use for him by manipulating his newly servant, Eri of giving Kouki to her as a "prize" for serving him.

Tio Klarus- Dragonman and Sworn Enemy after he manipulated the human worshipers to kill her parents and people

Following her parents' death, Tio held a hatred towards the false god as she is willing to seek out a exceptionally powerful group to ensure Ehit's death which is the reason she'd joined Hajime and his party. She felt joy after Hajime killed Ehit.

Shea Haulia - Rabbit Beastman and Enemy

For mistreated for the beastmen, Shea holds a hatred towards Ehit and willing to kill him. Ehit shown in fear when Shea killed Hearst.

Shizuku Yaegashi - Former Summoned Hero, Pawn and later Enemy

Shizuku once respected Ehit. However, learned from Aiko and Liliana, Shizuku discarded her respects for the fake god and sided with Hajime. Like Hajime, she believe the so-called god is weak due to his cowardice at first, but learned of Tio's tribe massacre, she swore to kill the false god.

Aiko Hatayama - Former Summoned Hero, Pawn and Later Enemy after she revealed his nature to Humanity

Aiko once respected Ehit. However, learned from Hajime and got captured by the Holy Church, she expressed a greatest hatred towards Ehit as she has no problem exposing his true nature to Tortus causing his worshipers to turn against Ehit and the redeemed Holy Church now worships Aiko as their "goddess of victory".

Liliana S. B. Heiligh - Princess of the Heiligh Kingdom, former devout worshiper turned his enemy after she revealed his nature to Humanity

Liliana was a devoted worshiper. However, in her father's death following Ehit's manipulation, she expressed a greatest hatred towards the false god as she has no problem exposing his true nature to Tortus in order the supposedly worshipers to turn against Ehit.

Ryutarou Sakagami - Former Summoned Hero, Pawn and later now Enemy

Ryutarou once respected Ehit. However, when his teacher, Aiko and Princess Liliana revealed Ehit's true nature, Ryutarou discarded his respects for their fake god and sided with Hajime to destroy Ehit.

Suzu Taniguchi - Former Summoned Hero, Pawn, and later now Enemy

Suzu once respected for Ehit. However, when Aiko and Liliana revealed Ehit as a evil "god", Suzu abandoned her respects for the fake god and sided with Hajime. She begged Hajime to give chance of joining him destroy the false god.

Humanity - Former devoted worshipers turned enemies

According to Hajime, Ehit acted as the benevolent "god" to blessed those with abilities as the "chosen heroes" after summoning them to fight against the Demons of Garland.

However in reality, Ehit has no concerns of his so-called "chosen heroes" or his human worshipers as they are nothing but playthings to his "chessboard of life and death" after viewing humanity to be weak. He summoned the so-called chosen heroes just so he would lead them to their deaths and ensured they will never leave Tortus back to Japan alive. According to Miledi and later Hajime, all of the teachings he gave to the Holy Church was a meaninglessly lie as all they ever did was dying in pointless wars and sacrificing innocent peoples' lives much of Ehit's amusements as well considered the Liberators as "mavericks". His so-called "decree" of beastmen were just an "inferior" species and considered to be slaves. He used Noint to brainwashed the Heiligh Kingdom's nobles and king as well the pope of the Holy Church into worshiping him.

He feared if anyone who learned of his true nature, he would do whatever means to ensure this truth cannot be revealed which is the legacy of the Liberators even removing "unnecessarily pieces" by killing those who defied him such as he attempted to kill Hajime and his companions by sending Noint to assassinate Hajime (since his human pawns were too powerless and weak against Hajime and his companions) only for her to die at Nagumo's hands. With his true nature has been exposed by Hajime, Aiko and Liliana, the human supposedly worshipers who were devoted to Ehit has lost all of their faith on him and humanity turned against the false god himself much of his fears. The redeemed Holy Church abandoned all of Ehit's meaninglessly teachings and decree in their hopes to reconcile their relationships with beastmen after they've done such terrible things for their misguidedly actions and foolishness in Ehit's lies. The newly Holy Church now worshiped Aiko Hatayama as their "goddess of victory". According to Hajime, all of his classmates' supposedly heroisms to fight for Ehit were completely meaningless as they almost died by Eri Nakamura's trap in her rebellion towards everyone in the class. Following the truth of the Heiligh Kingdom's king and nobles as well the Holy Church's previous pope (Ishtar Langbard) were brainwashed by Noint, Ehit's falsely chosen heroes are determined to destroy Ehit and save the world and humanity from his influence and reign of terror.

Following the truth, Ehit is willingly attempted to wipe out not only the beastmen but humanity itself by sending all of his 500 Apostle creations to kill Hajime, his companions and Ehit's fake heroes but failed after all of his creations are killed by Hajime and his companions.

After Ehit's death by Hajime for his failed attempted to control Yue's body, Ehit's influence was faded and Tortus is freed and saved by Hajime though this is unintentionally for him. Following Ehit's death, his former human worshipers discarded their idolizes of the "Hero Party" and considered them as the weakest party when officially disbanded the faction after Ehit's manipulation and later death. They now idolized Hajime and his party and renowned them as the strongest party.