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Ein, real name Filvus Challia, is an antagonist from Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?, primarily Sword Oratoria.

She was voiced by Kanemoto Hisako.


Filvus is an elf with pale skin, long black hair, and red eyes. She wears primarily white clothes, which includes a dress shirt, white tights, and a coat. She also wears black gloves. As Ein, she wears a black robe that covers her legs, red shoes and gauntlets, and a red and black mask.


Ein's first major appearance is with Dionysus, in both their normal attire, meeting up with Bete and Loki following the former’s extermination of violas hiding in the sewer. Bete however, identified from their smell that they were in the sewer.

Soon after, the two pairs met at a cafe where Dionysus explained that he and Filvus had no involvement in the Monsterphilia incident, asking Loki to believe him. Loki however told Dionysus not to play with her as she and Bete found their scent in the sewer where they’ve encountered the violas. Dionysus did admit to being in the sewers, but only to investigate the monsters as well. Dionysus then explained that three members of his familia in the past month.

He then shows Loki two of the crystals dropped by the monsters Ais had slain around the time of the Monsterphillia, believing the monsters to be connected to their deaths. Loki figures out that the crystals were procured before they were turned over to the guild. He also explains that he knew Monsterphillia would be a perfect cover for the culprit.

Filvus was next seen with Dionysus at a graveyard where they talk about monsters blocking the path past Level 24 which proved puzzling. It was said that the adventurers saw nothing like it.

When Dionysus asked about the guild, Filvus said that there was nothing irregular at the moment.

They later talked with Loki about the monster swarm and asked what they've wanted from her familia. Dionysus pointed out he merely came to inform her of the situation they are facing.

He then pointed out how strange it was that the outbreak affected the adventurers but the guild hasn’t lifted a finger as if it were hiding something, but Loki said she can't afford to stick so far a nose into this. However, Dionysus also wondered aloud if it’s also safe to ignore.

Lefiya later brought Loki a letter that Ais will resolve the situation. Hearing this, Dionysus asks Loki to send Filvus on the expedition and asks her to trust Loki. Filvus and Lefiya then head there with Bete.

On the expedition, they get attacked by wolves on level 18. Around this time, it was revealed that Filvus was the sole survivor of the Level 27 nightmare. He then asks Loki if they can liberate her from her past.


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