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Eirenus is a demon in the Black Army and the right-hand of the Black King. She was voiced by Monica Rial.



Eirenus used to be a knight serving in the army until she was encountered and corrupted by the Black King who made Eirenus serve in his army.

Chain Chronicle

Eirenus has no recollection of her human memories and became the leader of the Black Army and the right hand of the Black King.

Eirenus debuts in episode 2 where she is summoned by the Black King who orders her to find his daughter, Phoena.

In episode 3, she appeared before Volunteer Knight, Burckhardt, and corrupted him with black magic to turn him into a demon and make him serve in the Black Army. Just then, Yuri and the Volunteer Army arrived to save him, but Eirenus summoned the Black Army to fight them while she continued to turn Burckhardt against them. As Eirenus succeeded in turning Burckhardt into a demon, Burckhardt fought the Volunteer Army alongside the Black Army before he fell back with them. Eirenus then appeared before Yuri in the aftermath of the battle and

Physical Appearance

Eirenus does not wear a lot of clothes, but is seen wearing black armor such as shoulder pads, gloves, and boots. She also wears a black set of wings on her head.

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