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The Ekal Magia is a HumaGear that was hacked and turned into a Magia and is one of the two antagonist in episode 2 of 2019 TV series called Kamen Rider Zero-One. He was originally a HumaGear named Mamoru before the MetsubouJinrai.NET operative named Jin hacked him by placing a ZetsumeRiser on him.


Mamoru was name by the late-Korenosuke Soren prior the Hiden Intelligence CEO’s passing and christened Aruto as his successor.

After saving the lives of vice president Jun Fukuzoe and senior manager Sanzo Yamashita from Kuenhe Magia’s attack, set up by MetsuboJinrai.NET at Hiden Intelligence main office, Mamoru was given by Aruto a yellow wrapper on his injured right arm, out of respect for Aruto’s late-Humagear father, Soreo.

While protecting the civilians from Kuenhe, Mamoru was ambushed by Jin into serving the cyber terrorist, and let the said terrorist reveal their presence to the public by confronting Aruto, right before the hacked Mamoru turned into Ekal and attacks Aruto, who became Zero-One and perform a mercy kill with Rising Kaban Slash.

A new version of Mamoru was built with an anti-virus, equipped with a yellow wrapper in honor of the original Mamoru.


  • He shares a same name as a fallen hero from Kamen Rider Amazons named also Mamoru.
  • The Ekal Magia is the first kangaroo-themed monster to appeared since the Kikkaijin Gangaru from Kamen Rider Stronger.


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