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It is not for presuming, but life has given me a lot, to give and give away everything they ask. Let's see... what do people want? power, money, luxuries laugh NONENSES! What for? Anyway we're all going to die, and we're not going to take anything. Right my friend?
~ El Charro Negro explaining the subject of human greed.

El Charro Negro is the overarching antagonist from the mexican cartoon film saga Las Leyendas, as from the beginning a posthumous antagonist in La Leyenda de la Nahuala and La Leyenda de la Llorona, formally debuting since La Leyenda de las Momias de Guanjuato and appearing at the end of the film, also as the climax antagonist in La Leyenda del Chupacabras, and the main antagonist in the movie that bears his same title of 2018. 

It is the same demonic figure based on the classic folkloric legend of Mexico. It rides with his ghostly black horse in search of unfortunate souls who wander through the deserts, seeking help with scarce resources or favors to satisfy their desired needs, in exchange for dragging them into the underworld and condemn for life.

In his first appearance he was voice by Blas García, later in the fifth film his voice was made by Humberto Solórzano and finally his voice was by Erick Elías in the homonym film.


Teodora: In other words, if you make a deal with the Charro Negro, do you fulfill any wish?
Evaristo: Yes, but I change your immortal soul.
Teodora: Yes, yes aha but it is fulfilled or not?
Evaristo: Yes, but you will be left without your immortal soul.
~ Teodora and Evaristo talking about to El Charro Negro


At some point, the personality of this being is completely mysterious, but the elemental in its deceptive nature, is to tempt those who dare to be helped by this in exchange for charging them with their souls, posing as someone gentlemanly and affable. Most of what it offers is a portion of gold coins, if someone accepts them without fear, the Charro catches them with his fiery whip so that they can not escape and thus take them to the underworld. 

It is speculated that before his future as the fifth of the guild, he chose to be by his own volition, contacting the world of darkness or accepting the new life that awaited him. Persevere in its goal even if it takes several years, but sooner or later it gets what it looks for, such was the case in persuading Leo to give Rupertino his deer's eye, implacably taking the soul of his daughter, in turn, to attract the prodigal boy of his coveted power, to his trap for making a deal with the one that could not be saved. He also likes to woo the ladies or behave himself with them, without going ahead by personal decision involving itself wants to give, being susceptible to self-denials.

More in-depth, this Charro, unlike the others, has great initiatives that entail even more ominous goals, supported by his unwavering spirit protruding further from the cycle of "marking by the darkness". As it is in his approach, El Charro Negro is undoubtedly discarded, versatile, fickle, unmerciful and he delights in the suffering of his adversaries.


He looks like a shady man, dressed like a formal black-suited rancher. In skin is swart with features on her face such as having a thick texture on her cheeks, marked cheekbones, protruding chin, high nose on the back. The hair is black including the sideburns, the eyebrows, and his clipped mustache. The style of her hairdo is not completely discovered but it is necessary to know that it is neat, with its wick in front, somewhat common in itself. It is not to be expected, since the suit he has almost always worn is black, except for the top reaches the ribs because at there a buttoned rosy brown shirt, same hue brings it in his belt only that the brooch is more saddle brown and there is a skull, various white drawings like bones skeletons, a red bow is placed on the neck and the heels golden spurs (stand out for being the brightest accessories), the sides of the hat are completely tan with rhombuses whose red circle goes inside each one. Despite characterizing that illustration, the most symbolic thing that makes clear his guardianship to incarnate an evil spirit are his fiery red eyes and dark hands full of veins.

When it takes the form of a shadow, its skin turns dark gray and a reddish flash ashes forms around his body. Its ears become pointed. The fingers lengthen into sharp claws. An incandescent glow turns to its eyes next to its mouth and her legs totally disappear to the point of being a thick mist. After his transformation, the only thing that is seen of his clothes is his hat with bright red circles and his torn shirt.

It has also been shown to take the form of a demon with skin made of ashes and reddened cracks. His face becomes completely monstrous emanating a red glow in his eyes and mouth, which is full of sharp fangs. His nose disappears and is replaced with two wide openings instead. In the head his ears become pointed, two small horns appear on his forehead and two more on the sides of his head.

His most imminent form is a gigantic but terrifying version of himself, having a body composed of black ashes wrapped in orange and yellow flames. It can see that his arms are longer and with long hands as well as his clawed fingers, giving him a more tetric tone. Its neck is longer, the ears are pointed, the jaw of its mouth extends a lot and sharp fangs protrude in its mouth covered with fire as well as its eyes, thus showing a more eerie impression. It should be noted that despite the fact that his suit is part of his body, some details of it remained and have changed drastically, such as his hat that is twice as large and the embroidered bones that became zigzagged lines, now having squared spirals.

Powers and Abilities


  • Pyrokinesis: This is the main element that dominates since most of its powers are composed of fire. Has been shown to create a tornado made of fire and ignite his own whip.
  • Shapeshifting: Has the power to change shapes at will such as impersonating a poor old man and entering different monstrous phases; a shadow, an ash demon and that of an elemental giant.
  • Teleporting: Can be quickly transported from one place to another by turning a flash of light. He can also create fire portals of different sizes if desires.
  • Dark magic / Invocation: Clearly, being a demon, he has evil powers linked to the forces of darkness. One of his most common powers is to appear objects and summon his stallion with a whistle. Thanks to his magic, he can grant any wish with the person who has made a deal, be it love, wealth, power, cure of illness, among other things that can make reality and change the life of someone ambitious or desperate.
  • Total control over The Underworld: He is in absolute control of his dimension and can modify his atmosphere as he pleases. He can also appear illusions of tangible scenarios and individuals with their own mind and capable of reasoning.
  • Environment warping: The place he interacts with can alter his surroundings and this has been demonstrated in the time he visited Rupertino's caravan, causing a dark liquid to appear on the walls of a house.
  • Superhuman strength: Apparently, being a demon, he has great strength, and he has shown it by throwing Rupertino away with a blow (when turned into a shadow).
  • Telekinesis: He can lift people and objects in the air without feeling the need to touch them. It could be seen that he was able to immobilize Rupertino without approaching him and keep Leo floating by tying him with his whip.
  • Somnipathy: Has the power to make people in a deep sleep and thus capture them with ease, like the time in which Beatríz slept by stealing her soul.
  • Immortality: Is obvious that being a demon he cannot age or die by natural causes.
  • Soul absorption / Necromancy: He proved to have dominion over the souls of his debtors eternally once they are withdrawn. The souls can be held in his hands and transported to a distiller that turns them into liquid and be enclosed in bottles.
  • Dream premonition: It could be said that he enters the dreams of his victims and announces future events that they will have when they meet him.
  • Body's possession: It is well known that he can possess the body of an individual just as he did with Leo San Juan, although this is due to having made a pact with him.


  • Intelligence and persuation: In his favor he has a great intelligence to carry out his plans that were going on, trick Leo into stealing Rupertino's deer eye and charging him with his daughter's soul, persuading Leo San Juan to make a deal with him and enter in The Underworld where he falls into his trap, and lock up most of the ghost-hunting team after learning of his intentions with Leo and preventing them from intervening.
  • Rider mastery: Having been a landowner in his past life, he is quite skilled in the art of "charreria" (rider and herding cattle on horseback), knowing how to gallop on his stallion with great tenacity and handling his whip very well when using it as a rope to tie his victims (even at very far distances).
  • Whip: He has great dexterity in knowing how to use his whip as a weapon or to catch those who try to flee from him.
  • Guitar skills: It is seen that he plays the guitar very well and has a very good command of the instrument.


  • Deer Eye: This amulet causes his presence to be repelled and he cannot approach the debtor who avoids paying him, unless by some means he takes it away.
  • Light of Ethereal Purity: This energy counteracts his powers and possibly infringe him by taking damage from this.



Charro and enrique.png

It is not known with certainty about how his life as a mortal would have been, but from how he dresses, speaks and acts, it can be deduced that he was a fond of charreria before he became an insatiable demon. A day has come when he may have been interested in contacting the other side, or invoke with forces of darkness, reason for which a "life line" was formed in the arm and be chosen as the next successor of the previous charro.

The instant the dark forces transferred demonic powers to this individual, he would become the new soul collector for many centuries. Not only has he gained supernatural abilities, but he would also be the owner of the underworld granted for his mandate, so the landscape would become like that of a hacienda «environment that would reflect its essence».

Deals with their Victims

In the teasers they revealed, before the events of the movies, they presented 3 of their victims who had a pact with him: the first was a woman and she wanted to inherit the fortune of her late husband, the second was a formal nobleman named Enrique Manuel Vásquez who dreamed with the hand of a perfect woman, and the third was a cowardly soldier called Vicente Bravo Anaya who dreamed of having the power to lead the army of New Spain and become a general of greater rank. But none of them managed to escape the debt they owed, which was inevitable.

Years later, a swindler salesman offered his soul to Charro to cure a terrible disease his newborn daughter, sealing the pact on the condition that he would come one day. With the idea of not wanting to be dragged to the underworld; Rupertino got a deer's eye to drive away the disastrous devil.

El Charro watching Leo entering in the Old Manor.

Seeking Leo

It is revealed that El Charro has been following in the footsteps of the brave little boy since his first adventure in "The Old Manor", when he was still in possession of the Nahuala, and without knowing it, he watched him as he could defeat her to save his brother. Amazed at how Leo San Juan had the ability to see ghosts and communicate with them, he continued to observe him (without his noticing) in the following adventures.

The tombstone from Ollin and Tonatiuh destroyed by El Charro Negro.

By setting course for Xochimilco El Charro Negro caused a great storm which provoke the "Flying ship" to stagger and drop the boy into the swamp, then on "The Island of the Dolls" he made a presence when the dolls come alive to attack the intruders, while in the river channels he appears and watches as Leo and Kika escape from La Llorona, so he would also take care of breaking Ollin and Tonatiuh tombstone so that no one could easily find it.

I was waiting for you.
~ El Charro meeting Leo San Juan.

El Charro Negro meeting for the first time with Leo San Juan in the loneliness.

In Guanajuato city he was spying from an alley to The Ghost-hunting Team fleeing to the Mummies, he did the same with Rousseau when he wanted to resurrect his fiancee at Mictlantecuhtli altar, and see how fainted one of the soldiers in the bridge.

Passing the post credits, Leo wakes up in the middle of the night and a crow flies in front of hersfel, realizes that he is alone in the cart without anyone but the coachman who turns out to be El Charro Negro.

Wake up son... wake up. You're dream... (terrific growl)
~ El Charro Negro speech in Leo's nightmare.

Just at the end of where everything had ended in the previous installment, Leo meets El Charro and tells him that he is dreaming to later become a monster. Leo is awakened from his nightmare by one of the men with whom he travels in the cart.

El Charro Negro watching in the distance Leo and his friends camping in a forest.

At the entrance of the parish, he approaches El Chupacabras family inside his prison, in the full arrest of the insurgents and Leo.

After the credits, seen Leo, Nando and Teodora camping in the middle of the forest. In the distance, on a hill, the mysterious charro from Leo's nightmare observes them.

La Leyenda del Charro Negro

First Manifestations

In the prologue of the story, El Charro, had kidnapped Xochitl Ahuactzin and taken her as his prisoner. He carried her on his horse to send her to work towards a dark cellar, claiming that Leo San Juan is in danger of being caught by the oscure demon.

On the way they walked Leo San Juan next to Nando and they run into a Gypsy woman, whom they help in exchange for seeing her fortune, but only San Juan is interested and she takes her hand. Reading the lines of the palm, exclaiming that was infected with an evil, caused by having contact with dark forces of the other world, warning him to flee because his life is in danger.

An unpublished scene that did not appear in the film, Don Andrés was chased incessantly by El Charro Negro, since somehow he found out what he wants from Leo. He looked for if luckily he would find some of his friends to notify them of the news, ended up in a cornfield where the two Alebrijes were found. The three of them made him fall into a circular portal to the underworld, leaving only Las Calaveritas alone and scared, who left to tell Teodora what they heard.

Pending Debt

Passing by a bridge from Mextepec, they manage to see a "poor Old Man" and tells them about a scammer who stole a deer's eye, however when San Juan does not seem to interest him at all, only Leo accepts the task of returning his only belonging. After discussing with the thief that the old man and his little girl had described him, they run terrified, so as not to be hit by both. They see the same man recently, and they return the pendant to reveal that he was the transformed into El Charro Negro, there Rupertino astonished to see him again after 12 years, destroys the mystical object and goes in search of the soul of the girl, for not paying as he should have done before. A whistle calls his stallion to retreat, opening an immense portal that leads to the Underworld, in that Leo tries to prevent it from happening, agreeing to a deal to restore the soul to Beatriz. Interested, the Charro accepts, invites him along with Fernando, Rupertino and Teodora, they go to the home of the resounding being, determined to overcome it.

Fighting for the Soul

El Charro Negro anxious about the arrival of Leo, caused by her "Evil Gloating"

Once entering the underworld, everything seemed to indicate that the home of El Charro had an environment similar to that of a hacienda with agave crops. The heroes went there, to talk about the deal they are going to propose, so the Charro tells them that they must make a list of missions and it is in collecting objects from past adventures (as a challenge to win the soul inside the bottle) before the rooster crows, otherwise Beatriz mode will not be saved. The brave group accepts; and they would go to a carnival created by the same Charro.

In Rupertino's caravan, Ana, the gypsy noting the proximity of the Charro who plays his guitar, with a heartbreaking tune, talking that Beatriz does not have much time left to live. He verifies that he does not depend on doing this work to trap souls, and only fulfills the great power that has been favored him, because the ambitious people chose to fall into their pretensions. Removing the hand from his face, Ana made the Charro end up leaving in a trail of black liquid.

Escaping from their prisons, Leo's friends look for him very worried that El Charro Negro uses his gift (The White Glass that was inside it from the trip to Guanajuato) to cross into spiritual worlds, and spread their evils. They were more than willing to remove it, with all their abilities that have interposed there (even the see ghosts), just like that, El Charro will no longer have it in his power.

Fair's Showdown

Leo, Teodora, Rupertino and Nando had finished completing the missions, only it would be necessary that enter to "the house of mirrors" as the last test to overcome. Leo is the first to enter, while the others follow him but the Charro blocks them, disappearing the collected objects and becoming a whirlwind of fire, the environment suddenly changes, turning to what it is originally; a rocky and clangorous flaming inferno. Inside was a dark room in which there was only one mirror, where Leo looks attentively at his own reflection. He becomes conscious, hitting the glass unstoppable times and laughing maniacally, makes him see that he will be the next successor. Suddenly, when the darkness is embraced by the light, in the clarity it is seen that it is the home of the Charro and get the flask with the soul of Beatriz, but it turned out to be a plot of the infamous demon, to be introduced in the body of Leo and to become one, to acquire the gift of the astral vision, the soul of the Charro has entered completely and Leo would changing his image.

Saving Leo

El Charro Negro roaring in fury at his last battle against "The Ghost-hunting Team" for vanish his plans and villainous breakdown.

Almost, on the point of a duel, the contest between "the ghost-hunting team" and "the villains" is stopped when Leo San Juan leaves the ranch to be finally possessed by El Charro Negro, heading outside and disappearing the illusions of past enemies. Now with the gift of being able to see ghosts and travel between dimensions, El Charro Negro, inside Leo's body, would call his hellish stallion and at the same time a portal to earth would open, ready to finish the next phase of his plan. The ghost-hunting team, horrified, had no choice but to prevent El Charro Negro from contacting him further afield and for this they had to take away his abilities from Leo, implying that he could not see his great friend again. On the other hand Rupertino cries when entering at the empty hacienda and finding the broken bottle that contained the soul of his daughter. Nando slyly called Leo's attention with the intention of taking his hand and tricking him that they were going to make a deal, holding him back so that others could act and take away his powers, which resulted in a furious Leo who had no compassion in attacking his brother. El Charro's anger manifested in Leo made his friends hold him while the skulls shot him the "light of ethereal purity", weakening him as if to render immobile. With the support of Rupertino and Chuy, little by little the ghost hunting team takes out the white crystal from inside Leo (which serves as a portal to transit through spiritual worlds), expelling the Charro Negro inside his body. When everything seemed to be calm, some cracks smoked a dark energy and turned into black clouds that formed a giant shadow, emerging, among the rubble of the hacienda, a powerful elemental form of El Charro Negro. With the portal still open, Rupertino takes Leo to earth and Nando accompanies them, leaving Xóchitl and the others in the underworld so El Charro Negro rushes towards them and confront in one last battle.

in the end Rupertino was able to return Beatríz's soul to her body and save her, while Leo and his brother managed to escape from the clutches of El Charro Negro with the certainty of never seeing him again, returning home in peace. Despite not revealing if El Charro had survived in the fight, the crow, that foreshadowed his arrival, could still be seen, observing Puebla at the night before the credits.

Other Appearances

Teaser Trailer - La Leyenda del Charro Negro

In this short, considered non-canonical, El Charro is seen riding his horse on the Mextepec bridge, while he has a spigot in his mouth. In the middle of the lonely streets, Leo San Juan arrives who tells him that: he was looking for him and that he wants to make a deal with him. Laughing, El Charro Negro replies that he does not deal with children, to which Leo San Juan claims that he is no longer a child, and after that reply, El Charro Negro abandons his horse and moves quickly towards the boy turned into a shadow.

After the scene is over, Teodora asks Evaristo interested in the things that the Charro Negro grants when making a deal with him, no matter what the cost is. When the title of the film appears Finado is seen with a mustache and a black hat, representing El Charro Negro himself.


For the "Charro Negro" figure, the filmmakers have considered including him in the franchise for a while. Rodríguez called the figure a "very powerful and seductive character", making the character "dangerous". "It's interesting how Leo San Juan, our main character, is going to deal with this dark and powerful force," said Rodríguez. The filmmakers wanted to give the figure a more 'Mexican' taste to match the national cinema's 'golden age' by giving him an attractive personality and arming him with golden spurs. "It's a historical character," said Rodríguez. "We have it in the psyche of the Mexican". We have it very present.

Among the newcomers is Erick Elías as the voice of Charro Negro. Elías shared his experience on working in the film, stating that he's satisfied with the work, despite some difficulties in developing a matching tone for the character. "t is a pride that I have been invited to be part of this made by Mexicans, for Mexicans I feel identified with everything that happens with this Leyenda," he said. "I faced great difficulties because I had to give him that personality only with his voice," he said. "We had an arduous table job with the director, finding the "norteño" tone with that serious accent. To achieve it was a very fun and complicated process, but in the end I liked the experience.




  • The "Widdow" Díaz - victim
  • Enrique Manuel Vásquez - victim
  • Vicente Bravo Anaya - victim
  • Juan Ramírez - victim
  • Dozens of people who made a deal with him - victims
  • Rupertino - debtor, attemped victim
  • Beatríz - stole her soul, but later was rescued
  • Ana the gypsy
  • Nando San Juan
  • Teodora Villavicencio - archenemy
  • Xóchitl Ahuactzin - archenemy
  • Finado and Moribunda - archenemies
  • Alebrije - archenemy
  • Don Andrés - archenemy
  • Evaristo - archenemy


Leo: I was looking for you.
El Charro Negro: For he who seeks, finds.
Leo: I want to make a deal with you.
El Charro Negro: Forget it, I do not deal with children
Leo: I'm not a child!
El Charro Negro: Oh no?
~ El Charro Negro when he encountered Leo in the official teaser.
Rupertino: That deer's eye is mine, and I've never seen this man.
Old Man: Do not you remember twelve years ago? When you came to me, begging for my help.
Rupertino: ¡No! It can not be.
Old Man:
wicked laugh Fool. creepy laugh
Charro Negro: Did you really believe that you could hide from El Charro Negro, so as not to pay me?
Rupertino: Is that... that was a long time ago and...
Beatriz: did you make a deal with Charro Negro?
Charro Negro: Yeah, did and the very coward thought he would avoid paying, wearing this deer eye. Then, you are Beatricita, his daughter.
Rupertino: Take my soul.
Charro Negro: No, do not worry, I do not want it anymore.
Rupertino: Really? Thank you, thank you very much.
Charro Negro: Now I will charge you with the soul of your daughter.

Rupertino: No! it was a deal with me.
Charro Negro: A deal whose rules changed when you did not fulfill your part, for cowardly. May this teach you to honor your word.
evil laugh'
~ El Charro Negro returning to charge an settle pendant with Rupertino
Charro Negro: When Beatriz's soul is distilled in this bottle, it will be too late for yours.
Leo: What is there to do?
Charro Negro: Well, there are four that it hurts me to have lost, and that only you, can you help me to recover them.
Leo: Where?
Charro Negro: Ah, well at "my fair".
Leo: There is no fair.
Charro Negro: Ah of course!
They have even before the rooster crows.
Rupertino: Come on!
Teodora: And my cellphone?
Charro Negro: ¡Remember! Until before the cock crows, not a minute more
evil laugh
~ Leo and his team in a proposal with El Charro Negro to recover Beatriz's soul
Don Andrés: Let's try it one more time, before the Charro Negro returns.
Alebrije: Oh Don Andrés, you do not understand anything, El Charro Negro does not want us, to want is a Leo.
Don Andrés: Ah, sure?
Alebrije: Obvious. Leo can see the living as well as those who are no longer alive. That's what he wants El Charro Negro.
Don Andrés: With more reason we have to escape from here, lizard!!
Alebrije: Above all you have to tear out that thing that makes it look beyond what any other person.
~ Don Andrés and Alebrije referring the true machination of El Charro Negro
Everyone in this life wants something, it is the nature of the human being who suffers a lot because he is never happy, what he has to live with.
~ El Charro Negro talking to the heroes about the lives he has known.
To see boys what defines the human being?; their essence, their soul? what it is, the will, the purity, that's what it's worth, not the dirty money
~ El Charro speaking with the adventurers about the importance of the enriching kind spirit.

(The Charro Negro begins to play a gloomy melody, and when he finishes, he approaches to talk with Ana) Ana: Why do you come here?
Charro Negro: He comes to see if he was offered something, little lady, here he is very lonely.
Ana: Go away! You're not welcome. There is nothing here for you.
Charro Negro: We don't know that yet, gypsy, we will find out soon though.
Ana: I will not allow you to take it.
Charro Negro: Well that no longer depends on you or me, right? I only come to collect the debts of the ambitious.
Ana: Or of the desperate who had no other choice?.
(El Charro Negro tries to bring his hand close to Ana's face and she pushes it away)
Charro Negro: Angry noises There's always another option, gypsy, ¡Always!
(The Charro Negro proceeds to retreat becoming a black puddle that sinks into ground)

~ El Charro Negro arguing with Ana that it will be in vain to save Beatríz and it will not do any good to prevent his soul from leaving the earthly world
El Charro Negro: What happened Leo? You failed Beatriz.
Leo: Save it! please
El Charro Negro: See? finally you want something from me. I told you. Calm Leo, you have to comply with what was already written.
Leo: I do not understand.
El Charro Negro: Do you know what is it? is what happens to people who play with the living and the dead. We are equal.
Leo: But we are not.
El Charro Negro:
sinister laugh You still do not understand, right?
Leo: No!
El Charro Negro: Of course yes. Only needed to enter by your own will, and that's what you did.
~ El Charro Negro trying to enter reason Leo to lose hope and accept his true destiny.
You can not avoid your destiny Leo. We belong to a long lineage. You're going to be my successor.
~ El Charro Negro tying Leo San Juan with his whip before entering his body.


  • Despite all the tradition of the movies is to tell their legends, but in this case his is never related in the whole plot leaving unknown who he was before and how he became El Charro Negro.
  • El Charro Negro is one of the two entities, along with El Chupacabras, in which Fray Godofredo has no knowledge of its existence and therefore, he did not assign them as missions for the Ghost-Hunting Team.
  • He is the only main antagonist who had no interest in assassinating Leo San Juan because of his abilities, that of seeing ghosts and that of traveling through spiritual worlds.


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