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El Charro Negro is a legend originated in Mexican folklore from the country of Mexico in remote places of Tlaxcala, Veracruz, Puebla and Hidalgo; To the outskirts of the metropolitan area of ​​Mexico City and even in the interior of this one, in the neighborhood of Coyoacán. The charro appears at dusk in streets and lonely sidewalks, always looking for a pedestrian to whom to offer gold coins, which he takes out of a small bag that always carries the waist.


A tall, elegant-looking man in impeccable black suit made up of a jacket, a shirt, tight pants and a wide-brimmed hat wanders in the depths of the night in the lonely stretches that join the little things that unite the small towns of rural Mexico on the back of a huge, jet-black horse.

In another variation of history, the Black Charro is actually a demonic figure. A charro of red eyes with the face hidden by its hat; Riding on a horse with eyes like red hot coal and steam emitted by the mouth when breathing. He does not ignore the men, whom he offers friendly conversation, but his clear preference son to women, to seduce with his eloquent eyes and warm words. Nothing bad can be said of El Charro Negro if the traveler is limited to allowing his company to his place of residence; If he approaches the dawn, he will say goodbye courteously and leave with the slow pace, just as if the sender who walks leads to the vicinity of a church.


Although there are many versions that talk about this mysterious character and they take on their own dyes in each region of the country where they are told, one of the most popular affirms that when the ghost was a man, he came from a humble country family; however, his ambition was so great that he always liked to be well dressed even if he ran out of money to eat.

After getting tired of his misery, the man invoked the Devil, who answered his call and offered him immense amounts of money and riches in exchange for his soul, to which the man accepted.

According to the story, the man tried to escape from his debt on his horse and with a bag full of gold coins so that the Devil would not take it from him; however, he was caught and from then on he was condemned to wander in the bones and dressed as a charro collecting from the Devil's debtors.


But if, on the contrary, the woman gives up her travel offerings and accepts a riding, that action is the beginning of the fin: Once upon the animal, the misfortune discovers that it is impossible to descend. When the black charro returns to his mount and goes away with the unknown course, ignoring the prayers or cries of his victim, one that is never seen again.

In some states of the Mexican Republic, people who are on full moon nights, along rural roads and remote towns, are presented with a skinny and cadaverous rider, who, riding on a lustrous black horse, of money. But for fear, no one has wanted to accept!

Back in 1966, Mr. Abundio Rosas was returning to his home, located on the outskirts of the port of Veracruz. Although there was a moon, it was hidden among the tops of the trees, so there was a certain darkness, which caused a great impression due to the ghostly shapes that were formed with the shadows of the moon. Suddenly, Don Abundio felt that someone was following him but he did not want to turn around, instead he quickened his pace, wielding the machete that always accompanied him. However, he increasingly felt closer to that someone who followed him. Suddenly, a cold sweat took over him, he felt faint, but despite his fear he decided to face whatever it was, he turned his face and with astonishment he saw a diabolical scene. ...he was a great black horse, with shiny, lustrous hair, but with ghastly eyes that seemed to throw fire. It was ridden by a tall, skinny man in a black hat. He had no eyes, nose or mouth. In short, it was something frightening, for which Don Abundio could no longer move or speak.

He was trembling with terror and more when the sinister charro took out a hand that looked red and with very long nails, took a bag from his horse and extended it offering it to the terrified man, who saw how the bag opened and showed its interior full of money; but Don Abundio did not want to accept it. The horseman offered it to him again and he did not pay attention to him either. Then the black charro turned his horse without saying a word and walked away from him... But Abundio never heard the horse galloping, which frightened him but he soon got over it and continued on his way towards his house.

Upon arrival he was so scared that he couldn't eat dinner. He told what happened to his wife. Which was also terrified. As expected, that night both could not sleep, so the next day Abundio got up early and went to the place where the mysterious charro had appeared. He searched carefully, but found nothing that could be taken as an indication of his existence. At night Don Abundio had the need to go through the place again, fearful of meeting the charro, but he did not appear to him that night or any other... nor were there more appearances.

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