Chato Santana, also known as El Diablo, is a Metahuman criminal of Hispanic descent, a member of the Suicide Squad and is the tritagonist of the movie Suicide Squad. While initially reluctant to use his pyrokinetic powers out of guilt and fear, he ultimately sacrifices his life in order to defeat Incubus and save the world from The Enchantress.

He was portrayed by Jay Hernandez.



Chato Santana was initially a vain and opportunistic man prone to anger, as he notably used his pyrokinesis powers to his advantage, becoming a powerful and successful gang leader. However, Chato couldn't fully control his powers when enraged, which ultimately resulted in him accidentally killing his wife and two children during an angry family spat. Devastated by his deed, Chato voluntarily surrendered to the authorities and becomes a far more calm, collected, and withdrawn individual than before, not ever wanting to kill another person with his powers.

He initially refuses to join the Suicide Squad, and even after joining, initially is extremely hesitant to use his powers unless absolutely necessary. Despite being withdrawn though, Chato relatively quickly befriends Harley Quinn, Deadshot, and Rick Flag, and is quick to save them from Enchantress' mental probing, which he overpowers due to his superior mental fortitude (as a result of him having become skilled at holding back his rage). Ultimately, Chato died heroically, going all-out with his powers (as a huge flaming avatar) and sacrificing his life in order to defeat Incubus and save the world from Enchantress.

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