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Exequiel Remacho, also known as El Grosso, He is the main antagonist of the 2013 Argentine animated film Metegol/Underdogs. He is an extremely arrogant soccer player who plans to be the owner of the town of Amadeo González, challenging the latter a soccer match.

he was voiced by Diego Ramos (UK) and Nicholas Hoult (US).




Exequiel Remacho appears for the first time together with a group of friends at Claudio Alcides's bar, making fun of everyone in the place while he is playing with his soccer ball, hitting two people with the balls just to make fun of them. He is then challenged by Laura to a foosball match against Amadeo, which Exequiel gladly accepts. At first he has the advantage since Amadeo is depressed, but then he is motivated by Laura to later go back the game and beat Exequiel, and then Exequiel is expelled from the bar by Alcides. Exequiel is completely frustrated and his pride damaged, but then a manager shows up and offers him an offer to be a soccer superstar and get rich. Exequiel finally accepts and then adopts the nickname "El Grosso".


Several years later, the manager who had hired Exequiel appears and then announces to the town the arrival of Exequiel himself, now El Grosso, and announces that now the town is now his and that he will begin with the remodeling and make the town much bigger and tourist. Laura opposes this, and El Grosso mentions both Laura and Amadeo that he could never forget what happened at the foosball, and that he didn't forget them either. He then orders them to demolish Alcides's bar, which scares Amadeo who tries to save the foosball, only taking Cap, his favorite foosball figure. El Grosso approaches him and mentions that he wants revenge, and then leaves the place, not without first taking Laura after she tried to stop him.

Then he and Laura go to his mansion, where El Grosso presents his statues and his projects with animals for a better future for sport, showing off all that. He then tries to destroy all the foosball figures for his defeat against Amadeo in the past, to Laura's pleas, and tries to flirt with her after he thought she wanted love. Fortunately, Amadeo appears to rescue Laura and starts a fight between them, which is only stopped by an explosion that occurred in his laboratory. Amadeo then challenges El Grosso to a match where if he wins, the town will be his, but if he loses, he won't. Grosso accepts, on the condition that it is a real football match and not a foosball match.

The El Grosso team is made up of great stars and professional soccer players, so many people from the town decide not to participate, since they know that the game is a lost cause. Despite that, Amadeo manages to gather enough people to play the game, however, they are not professional players and they are also very incompetent. Once the game has started, El Grosso's team, as expected, begins by humiliating Amadeo's team, to the point where his team is leading 2-0. El Grosso's manager tells him to relax and not make the game boring, which makes the El Grosso team start playing with Amadeo's team. This forces the foosball figures, who at this moment have come to life, to intervene in the match in favor of Amadeo's team, attacking the players of the El Grosso team and helping them in the first goal of the rival team. This motivates Amadeo's team to come back from the game, and the foosball figures finally leave the field, confident that they will win. Finally, a player from Amadeo's team manages to score with a header for 2-2, which makes El Grosso start to panic.

In the last minute of the match, when Amadeo's team goes on the attack with the intention of winning the game. El Grosso, seeing that the referee is distracted, kicks Amadeo in the foot, almost breaking it, but the referee refuses to charge for a foul there, and El Grosso takes the opportunity to score the goal that will give him victory and the people. Amadeo, with his last strength, tries to stop him, but it is too late and El Grosso manages to score the winning goal. Grosso begins to celebrate his victory with joy, but strangely, the public is not celebrating his victory, but is celebrating Amadeo's team. El Grosso doesn't understand this, and his manager later renounces his business with him. El Grosso tells him that without him it will be nothing, but the manager tells El Grosso that stars do not last and that managers are eternal, before going to congratulate Amadeo. El Grosso looks puzzled at his now ex-manager, before a flag falls on him.

Finally, El Grosso takes over the town, but since no one wanted to be there, the people left the town and founded another. It is unknown what happened to El Grosso after that.



El Grosso is extremely arrogant, self-centered, proud, conceited and a perfectionist who will do anything to win. He absolutely hates losing, as he claims that he always wins, and was greatly enraged at having lost in a foosball match against Amadeo to the point that he desires revenge against him.

He too he is extremely cheater, as he hit Amadeo on the leg to immobilize him after his team managed to tie the match and were about to win it. When he won, he began to show off his victory, rubbing it in Amadeo's face and celebrating with glee. However, he did not understand why the public applauded Amadeo instead of him, believing that he deserved the ovation for having won, without realizing that his selfishness and arrogance was the reason why no one celebrated the victory of he.

Despite this, El Grosso seemed to be in love with Laura, as he invited her to his mansion, showed her his statues and his projects to improve the sport while bragging about it, and then hugged her when he thought she was in love with him.

Overall, El Grosso is more of an idiot with disgusting demeanor than truly evil, as he just wants victory at all costs, but at least he's not willing to kill other people to achieve his goal.