El Invisible is the main antagonist of Tom Clancy's: Ghost Recon: Wildlands DLC Narco Road and the posthumous antagonist of the Fallen Ghosts DLC . He is the secret boss within the The Santa Blanca Cartel. He is commonly reffered to as El Invisible, but with his close associates Eddie Escovado, Arturo Rey and Tonio Mateos, they refer to him as Mr. Zamuro. His real name is José Vargas, but takes on the role of Señor Sonrisa for the rest of the Cartel and the Undercover Ghost Recon operator when he hides in plain sight.


José Vargas was born at an unknown time, in an unnamed Bolivian village, he is the second cousin of Social Media celebrity star Eddie Escovado, who also happened to be a member of Santa Blanca's hierarchy along with Tonio Mateos and Arturo Rey, 2 personal members of El Invisible's inner-circle. Nothing else is really known about El Invisible, and no one knows alot about him either. Only the highest-ranking members of the Cartel like El Sueño, The Beauty Queen or El Muro

Operation: Narco Road

Operation: Narco Road was the only time anyone outside of the Cartel knew anything about the mysterious kingpin that ran the cartel's smuggling operations. After taking out Escovado, Rey and Mateos, El invisible personally requested the mercenary's services. Thinking they had a breakthrough the CIA told the Ghost Recon Agent to go and meet him, but it was a trap. El Invisible knew that the mercenary was really member of Ghost Recon all along. When he re-awakes, the Ghost Recon Agent finds himself in a Unidad confinement cell. Amused at his efforts, El Invisible opens the operators cell and gives him one last chance at catching him. Hiding in plain sight and acting under his alias, Señor Sonrisa, El Invisible gives up the location of his bunker and the PDA he uses for his operations, when the Ghost Recon Agent got to his bunker, Zamuro remotely detonated it assuming it would kill the Agent and cover his tracks in Bolivia. Sonrisa then requested a passport and immunity. Unbeknownst to them this was secretly El Invisible's escape plan from Santa Blanca. After the truth was revealed and his PDA hacked the entire CIA, El Invisible escaped into the American wilderness of Arizona and lived in a small hut near the grand canyon for 2 years after Narco Road. Then when the CIA finally pinpointed his location, the Ghost Recon agent finds Vargas and finally kills him.

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