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El Mal Verde is a recurring supervillain in the Nickelodeon animated series El Tigre and the main antagonist of the episode Yellow Panthera.

Physical Appearance

El Mal Verde is a giant green monster with an iron mace-like right arm, brown mustache, a black sombrero.


El Mal Verde is the largest and most dangerous supervillain of Miracle City. Every superhero (except White Panthera) has been devoured by him. White Panthera fled from battle from him so his family would not he alone. Years later, El Tigre thinks his father ran away from a fight with Mal Verde. So El Tigre had to face Mal Verde alone to preserve the Rivera family name, but he is no match for him. White Panthera managed to help El Tigre defeat Mal Verde. In the special episode, " The Good, The Bad and El Tigre", El Mal Verde is easily defeated this time due to a cavity in his front tooth. In the Series Finale, he is defeated (except El Tarantula & some other villains who redeemed themselves) along with Dr. Chipotle Sr., Dr. Chipotle Jr., Guacamole Monster, Senor Siniestro, Black Cuervo, Voltura, Lady Gobbler, El Oso, Sartana of the Dead, Django of the Dead, Titanium Titan, General Chapuza & his zombies, the octopuses, the villains of Calavera, & (presumably other villains in the world) ended up defeated by getting burned by a Volcanic fire & later is piled along with all the villains.


  • "Mal Verde" is a Spanish supervillain name for "Green Evil".
  • He was voiced by Danny Trejo in "Yellow Panthera", and "John DiMaggio" in "The Good, The Bad and El Tigre".


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