I really hate that chicken.
~ Felonious Gru about El Pollito (after she sets off the rocket)

El Pollito is El Macho's loyal pet chicken and the secondary antagonist of Despicable Me 2.


According to Eduardo, Pollito is usually very friendly, but if she recognizes intruders she goes crazy on them. After her first meeting with Gru and Lucy, she developed her anger to them.


When Lucy Wilde and Gru break into the salsa restaurant, Gru accidentally triggered the alarm which caused Pollito to come out. But Lucy and Gru don't think that a chicken is anything to worry about and Gru started insulting Pollito by stating that she is not so much for a guard dog. The chicken attacks and pecks him. Lucy stops Pollito by shooting her with a substance that freezes her body. After the rough night Pollito recognizes Gru when he is at the resturant picking up Margo, Pollito immediately tries to attack, though Eduardo stops him. Instead of attacking, Pollito glares at Gru.

Pollito is seen again when she spots Lucy at Eduardo's party, but instead of attacking Lucy she tries to get her purse. With help from Pollito, Eduardo finds out that Gru and Lucy work for the AVL.

After defeating El Macho at the lair, Gru is trying to untie Lucy from El Macho's rocket. But the trigger is on the ground unguarded and Pollito stands by and looks at Gru and Lucy. Wanting revenge on Gru for defeating El Macho, Pollito pushes the trigger which makes the rocket launch and Gru says "I really hate that chicken". Pollito was not seen afterwards and it is unknown what happened to her, presumed if she was then killed or been captured and sent her into a farm.


  • El Pollito is the second Illumination antagonist to be an animal, the first was Carlos from Hop. She is also the first Illumination villain to be an animal henchman working for the hidden main antagonist.


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