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Rodrigo Carlos Pérez Morales, better known as El Sueño, is the main antagonist for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands. He is the leader of the Santa Blanca Cartel.

He was voiced by Esteban Cueto.


El Sueño claims to never have lied, admitting he has killed hundreds. He declares it is a crime against yourself, instead of a crime against humanity unlike killing and stealing.

He is also easily provoked when everything that he has built is at risk, and usually puts the blame onto his underbosses, which leads him to his downfall.


Despite his major role in the development of Santa Blanca in Bolivia, little is known abut the history of El Sueño, even his real name was unknown (at least right now we know him as Rodrigo Carlos Pérez Morales) only the legend survives, a little boy leaving his Mexican village at the age of eleven with the ambition of becoming a king.

El Sueño started at the age of twelve as a sicario hitman for a cartel. A few years later, he had a vision of La Tierra Sagrada, the Holy Land, leading to the foundation of Santa Blanca in 2008.

After the recruitment of The Beauty Queen, one of the most prominent smuggling specialists, he decided to move Santa Blanca to the very source of its trafficking, Bolivia.

His ambition was to show his people the "truth" he received from Santa Muerte, which lead him to writing his own bible for his followers telling the blessed story of Santa Blanca.

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