Invasion! Defeat! And Slavery will follow. Now you see F.R.O.7, now you see the power of the snake!
~ El Supremo
You have tried to destroy my plan F.R.O.7, but you shall not succeed! My submarines would have already landed. You are too late. And now F.R.O.7... you die!
~ El Supremo about to almost kill Freddie.

El Supremo is the main antagonist in the 1992 animated film Freddie as F.R.O.7.. He is the husband of Messina, the aunt of Freddie, which makes El Supremo Freddie's uncle.  He is the villain who is responsible for capturing various monuments, which he plans to use to create a sleeping virus.

He was voiced by Brian Blessed, who also played Cecil Clayton in Disney's Tarzan, the Nekross King in Wizards vs Aliens, and Mr. Avericci in Archie's Weird Mysteries.


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El Supremo is responsible for capturing the famous buildings in the United Kingdom. He is also working alongside his partner and lover, Messina. Freddie notices that he plans to steal Big Ben next. El Supremo plans to use the buildings, by shrinking them to a size of a trophy and using them as batteries to a giant crystal, which will send a powerful sleeping virus across the world (starting with the United Kingdom), which will put people to sleep, allowing him to invade and enslave them.

Freddie, Daffers, and Scotty are captured by a giant robotic snake and are taken to a secret island in Scotland. Freddie and Scottie are thrown into a pool of sea monsters, while Daffers is brainwashed into a mindless follower of El Supremo and Messina. El Supremo uses the crystal to send his sleeping virus all across Great Britain and the whole country shuts down.

Later in the film, after the battle of the army of soldiers, Daffers and Scotty come too close to the crystal's energy and fall unconscious. Freddie manages to infiltrate the crystal's energy with his mind powers and destroys it, but also falls unconscious. El Supremo and Messina (who are preparing to attack their next target - The United States) arrive to kill Freddie, but he, Daffers and Scotty defeat El Supremo by shrinking him down to an ant's size and trapping him in a matchbox.



  • The name "El Supremo" means "the supreme" in Spanish.
  • It is unknown why or how he became evil, nor how he met Messina.
  • His appearance and design are based on his voice actor Brian Blessed.
  • It is unknown if El Supremo and Messina are ever married.
  • Even though Messina drove the plot of the film, El Supremo is the main antagonist as he is far more dangerous than Messina and had bigger plans than anyone else.
  • It is implied that the SNAKE aircraft was modeled or inspired by Messina.
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