Elaine Todd was a villainess from Season Two of Quantico.

She was played by Nadia Bowers.


Elaine Todd was the First Lady of the United States, and in the season opener, "Kudove," she was shown alongside her husband at the G20 Summit. She secretly served as a head of a CIA black ops division which later turned into a rogue group, the AIC. With the AIC having been formed, the rogue group orchestrated dozens of terrorist attacks against the country. Two years later, the faction was planning to steal intelligence drives at the G-20 Summit. However, their plans were thwarted by the Citizens Liberation Front, a terrorist group that was formed to stop the AIC. The terrorist group later threatened to execute Elaine if the President did not comply with their orders. The President later complied with the orders of the CLF and the First Lady was beheaded on live television.